Cheap at Twice the Price!

by Les Albjerg
(Caldwell, Idaho)

Chris just posted the Keiryu Starter Kit. I wish I had this opportunity when I began Keiryu fishing. It is a great offer!

Even better if you own a Keiryu Rod you can buy "The Keiryu Rigs" he offers for 5 bucks. That is cheap at twice the price! I bought a Suntech Keiryu Swanobori 63 as my first premium rod. It fished exactly like Chris said it would, and I had a fantastic 3 months fishing it Tenkara style. I then thought I ought to at least try Keiryu fishing. It is a Keiryu rod. I watched hours of YouTube from Japan. I got the technique down, but not the lines. I wasted way more that 5 bucks trying to figure out how to rig a Keiryu line.

On a whim, with one of my orders from Chris, I bought a "Keiryu Rig" package. The best 5 bucks I have spent in a long time! Chris' description is spot on. Now for my personal advantages of getting these rigs. (1) You get quality tackle. (2) Most important - You get a pattern to make your own rigs! (3) You get a balanced setup which really shortens the learning curve. (4) You save money. I would be embarrassed if I told you how many unbalanced rigs I made! (5) You begin catching fish faster!

I first fished the "Keiryu Rig" with the Swanobori 63. The nice thing with it being shorter than the rod is that it was very easy to control. The hardest thing to learn in this type of fishing for me was setting the yarn makers to take full advantage of them. One thing I learned from watching all of the YouTube videos is the Japanese often collapse a bottom section of the rod when landing a fish. I found this helpful. I also have fished the "Keiryu Rig" with the Suntech TenkaraBum Traveler 44. It is easy to shorten the "Keiryu Rig." I agree with Chris, a rig that is between 18 inches and a foot shorter than the rod is easiest to control.

I also agree with Chris that a 450cm Keiryu Rod is a short rod. If I did not want to buy the "Keiryu Starter Kit", I would seriously consider the Suntech Keiryu Special 53. You get a zoom rod that can be set at 3 different lengths. At 450 cm you get an awesome "long" tenkara rod. My favorite rod to date is the Suntech Keiryu Swanobori 63. I have come very close several times getting a 53. The Keiryu Swanobori 63 is my smoothest rod!

One of my other great investments has been the Daiwa Tankei 1500SK for $36. For me a must have for Keiryu fishing are Dinsmore #10 shot for fine tuning. My last outing on a "No Name" River fishing classic Keiryu, I outfished my buddy Geoff who was fly fishing, somewhere between 4 and 5 to 1. Most of the time, I was fishing behind him, so he had already hit the holes and riffles with his flies.

Curious about Keiryu? Give the "Keiryu Rig" a try, or buy the fantastic kit that Chris has put together. My son is coming over for dinner tonight. I am going to show him this fantastic deal! I may have figured out his Christmas Present, or maybe even mine! I don't have a 530cm Keiryu rod yet.
Red Wiggler Keiryu fishing is a blast! You want to outfish your buddies? Give it a try. This method works well with Mummy Worms as well. The takes with most fish are dramatic! If you like catching Mountain Whitefish like I do in the winter, fishing with a Salmon Egg Keiryu style is a blast! I have had several 20-30 fish days. They school in the winter, so once you find them, your in for a "Many" fish day.

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“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” - Benjamin Franklin

"Be sure in casting, that your fly fall first into the water, for if the line fall first, it scares or frightens the fish..." -
Col. Robert Venables 1662

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