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Carp Rod for Steelhead

by Eric Shiflett
(Cleveland, Ohio)

I wanted to try something different. When I visit family in Ohio during the cold months, there are only a few options for productive fishing. Muskie, Steelhead, and one trout river. I took my new Red Dragon carp rod out for a spin. The water was slightly high, but dirty, so my options were swing streamers, or drift bright eggs. I went with the latter for simplicity.

The first couple of hookups were heart dropping. The sheer power of these fish is amazing. Finally got the chance to land one, and disaster struck. As I was holding the line, the level line to tippet knot let loose! So, I got watch a 25-26in (approx.) steelhead swim away from my feet. That being said, the rod handled the fish quite well. I never felt under powered at any time. I had my camera with me, so I did get a few shots of the adventure.

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Nov 24, 2017
Steelhead Video
by: Chris Stewart

Eric shot a video of his fight but the link was stripped out of his submission.

I have found the YouTube video of his steelhead fishing and have embedded it on the Red Dragon page.

Nov 24, 2017
Bitter Sweet
by: Les Albjerg

Just finished watching your video Eric! Your epic battle was a familiar experience! I didn't have knot failure with my steelhead up to the bank, but hook failure. It was so cool to hear the line sing as you battled the fish. My son's house mate was over for thanksgiving yesterday, and we were lawn casting several rods. He is a big steelhead fisherman, and he said he would take me up to some of his spots on the South Clearwater when the run hits in a couple of months. He was going to buy a spey rod, but I think I have him convinced to buy either an SST or a Kyogi. Interesting his perspective since he has bought a couple of high end fly rods!

My son was being quite the salesman on fixed line fishing! He is suppose to order a TenkaraBum Traveler 39 today, but if something more interesting is on sale, I will be shooting him a quick text once the sale begins. It was fun showing my son's house mate, Chris, something he had never seen before. I was able to unload two more of my TenkaraBum business cards!

I am going work hard to land a steelhead this year. I think I am going to figure out how to take videos as well. That was a cool video!

Nov 24, 2017
Great Video!
by: John Evans

That was a fine video! Just say that you were practicing the "long release" method of landing a fish. We ALL have plenty of experience doing that!

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