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Careful with Tippet

by Sean W

I was browsing J Stockard fly shop online for some fly tying supplies, and out of curiousity looked at the Rio tippets they had.

I saw one specifically, Powerflex Plus, advertised to be 20% stronger for the diameter. 6x was 4lb, 5x was 6lb!!!!

Needless to say, where this might be an obvious advantage for other fishermen, its probably not a simple advantage for the keiryu and tenkara rods. 4lb line on a rod rated for 6x is more likely to break a rod if too big a fish gets on.

The advantage I see for this line would be to use a smaller diameter line and have the better strength, but still sneaking in under the rod's rating. For example, using a 6x 4lb line on a 5x rated rod. Not quite as strong as 5x, but pretty good!

Additionally, thinner line on the main part of a keiryu line means less wind resistance.

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Apr 29, 2020
JDM Tippet
by: Les Albjerg

Sean - That is why I only use JDM tippet for my Keiryu lines. Actually, my keiryu lines are usually not all tippet material. My "go to" keiryu line is two feet of Tenjo line at the top, the main line is 4 pound test Copolymer line, a tippet ring, and then 18-36 inches of Fujino 0.5 (6.5x) tippet. I have caught several rainbow trout over 20 inches with this set-up. I have had break-offs, but it was because I should have retied my hook. I would venture a guess that most breakoffs are due to fatigue due to the hinge affect, nicks on the rocks, or the fish's teeth. I have had breakoffs due to snags, but the tippet material has protected my rod.

The rod I fish actual keiryu most often is the Suntech Keiryu Sawanobori 63. I did break section 2 after a "many" day session. It wasn't because of too strong of a tippet, but my stupidity!

Apr 30, 2020
Be wary of listed break strengths
by: Mike Witteveen

Be wary of listed tippet strengths. Manufacturers of fishing line will often times under sell the break strength of lines so that fisherman won’t complain about the "6 pound line broke so easily!" I remember reading an article on this quite a long time ago, maybe by Infisherman magazine (?) that went into this in detail, testing lines versus claimed break strength. I think almost all we’re stronger than what was listed. Of course thats for normal mono, tippet material. Tippet might have a different marketing strategy.

May 01, 2020
on the other hand
by: bill piatek

I've had no problems with the powerflex plus. I use it on my 3 Seiryu rods from Chris. All are rated up to 5x and I use either 5x or 6x on streams.

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