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Caffeinated Fly!

by Les Albjerg
(Caldwell, ID)

Coffee Bean Fly - Top

Coffee Bean Fly - Top

I must give credit to Chris Stewart for this fly. It has been years ago that I used a coffee bean to make a fly. This is a much better fly than the old one. One of my other passions is high quality coffee. I have been a coffee roaster for 35 years, so yesterday morning when I was roasting, I pulled some beans that seemed good for making a coffee bean fly.

They work! Getting trout to rise in the colder weather is difficult. I went to my favorite winter spot, Wilson Springs and caught 3 trout and had 2 other hits in a half hour!

This is a very simple fly to make. I used a carving knife to clean out the fold in the bean. I went through my hooks and found the size 12 Hends BL 321 seems to be the right size. The quality of the European competition hooks is on par with the Japanese hooks. I used medium CA glue and accelerant to speed up the drying process. A small gold spectra dubbing on top helps my old eyes see the fly better, and the fish don't see it. Almost as easy to tie as the overhand worm! I am sure the planters think that it is a food pellet. Give them a try! Oh the hi-vis dubbing was Chris' idea too! Thanks Chris!

Comments for Caffeinated Fly!

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Dec 09, 2018
Works as a beetle, too
by: Chris Stewart

If you glue in a few feather barbs when you glue in the hook, it will look a lot like a beetle. Should work for wild trout as well as stockers.

Dec 10, 2018
by: Craig

You can get tubes of iridescent fluoro coloured fabric writing gels - a dollop on top is another way to create the indicator sight spot and easier to apply

Dec 10, 2018
Who'd a thunk
by: Rob R

Wow a coffee bean. LOL! Go figure.

Dec 10, 2018
Coffee bean?!
by: Timmy

Ok guys so i tried your caffeinated fly early morning the other day and guess what? Not one trout showed up,not one! (course i live in the south, middle TN, warm water only but what the hey??!!)

Dec 10, 2018
by: Timmy

Timmy, my guess is there weren't any recently stocked trout that still remember what pellets look like. Also, being winter, there probably aren't many beetles falling into the stream. Try them again in June.

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