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by RM Hall

Decided to go bluelining on a favorite creek for the last few days during an exceptional warm spell. Water was rather low and crystal clear but the fish were willing.

I used my ONI I for dries, my Tenkara Bum for nymphs and my Sagiri 39MC for all around work. They are all exceptional rods.

But the Sagiri constantly amazes me. I am glad I have a new spare in stock. It just seems to do everything well in both lengths. I believe Daiwa made a mistake when they ceased production on this model. I might just be the best blue liner out there. The 45MC is not far off that either but you need a bit of room to swing that one.

The Tenkara Bum casts great but is a bit of overkill on these small fish streams. It will be an exceptional rod were the fish run larger though and can handle a range of flies, kind of like the GMR special but a bit less fast. The GMR is about my favorite mid sized stream rod when I expect fish to 16 or more inches, it is great for blasting out dry flies. The Tenkara Bum is a bit more full flexing. Both these rods are great when the wind kicks up and therefore make great take along everywhere rods.

The ONI I is simply an amazing full flexing rod that is poetry in motion but when the wind comes up it is not so nice to use.

Sorry to ramble on so much but it is good to get out after the winter doldrums.

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Mar 12, 2016
A Good Ramble
by: Jay Cohen

Always enjoy your comments on rods and fishing, Roger. Keep on ramblin'! I think it was you who pointed me to a Sagiri 39MC last year, glad I got one.

Mar 13, 2016
Sagiri 39MC
by: Rob Ruff

I have one on the way. Heard alot of good about it.

Mar 13, 2016
Sagiri 39MC
by: RM Hall

After a Tenkara USA rod, which I sold long ago I acquired the Sagiri and consider it my first real Tenkara stick (Seiryu)and I could have stopped there I guess, but the other ones are soo much fun to use.
Many are nicer/better in a variety of ways but overall the Sagiri continues to be my favorite.
I see Chris has located a cache of Daiwa LT44's of which I have one. He is correct it is a great big fish rod.

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