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Big clunky rod

by Jimi Fly

Been fishing my local pond in Sedalia Mo for winter trout (stocked) I brought my Iwana since I thought I might hook a lunker by accident. I have been fishing my little Kiyotaki for better than a year now and I love the non cork handle. Tied on a weighted Wollie bugger so I could get deep and started casting. I hate to say it but I missed a ton of fish because I'm not used to cork handles anymore. When I finally realized I was getting takes which were very hard to feel I started picking up some nice fish all over 14 inches 8 total in 2 hours. It was fun fishing the old clunky Iwana but I'm dead set on picking up a longer rod without a cork grip. When I first started fishing tenkara I thought the cork grips were the cats meow but I have to say non cork grips trump cork hands down. I'm even thinking about shaving off the grip on my Iwana till I can afford a nice Airstage or similar rod. In a nutshell Boo Cork Horray non cork grips, still fun fishing though. The photo is one I caught last year on the same Iwana rod, don't worry I kept this one as it was the end of the catch a release season otherwise I would never handle a fish like this.

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Nov 12, 2013
How do you fish the bugger?
by: JohnA

I have just purchased my first tenkara rod and am looking forward to trying it out but have no experience of the technique so please excuse my basic question! Am I correct in assuming you fish the bugger by casting out and then you retrieve it or move it by simply raising the rod. If that's the case would you consider western style fly fishing more effective on Stillwater where a longer line and more variation in retrieve styles can be employed. Is your choice of tenkara on Stillwater made simply because you prefer the method or are there advantages when fishing buggers and streamers in Stillwater?

Nov 13, 2013
To uncork or not
by: Craig

If you shave to cork off the Iwana handle, you will probably find that the diameter is too small and will need some covering to get a usable diameter. The diameter uncorked is less than your kiyotaki. Suggest you check beforehand.

Nov 15, 2013
by: Jimi Fly

The retrieve is a slow lift and/or twitch as you said.
I gave up western fly fishing in exchange for the lighter rod the ease of landing fish and the desire to not have all that line to manage and trip over. Indeed western style on still water would be more effective in most cases or even a spinning rod but pound for pound Tenkara style is just more enjoyable for me. As far as shaving the cork I plan to leave some on the grip. The blank is way to small and it throws off the balance a lot.
I used to carry around 20 lbs of gear when I was using a Western style fly rod now everything literally fits in my shirt pocket. I proudly catch more or less on any given day than my buddy who is still using a Western style rod. It's cool to cast 60 or more feet but really if I want to catch fish that far from me I just move closer to that spot. I have always found that most the fish I catch are within 20 or so feet away using either style. Not that shooting a mile of line isn't fun every once in a while. I guess it's just a matter of taste

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