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Big Brookie on
Air Stage 290 硬中硬

by Chris Lynch

Wyatt crossing a bridge on Bradley Fork

Wyatt crossing a bridge on Bradley Fork

My son and I went on our first father-son camping trip last weekend, up to Smokemont in GSMNP. Fall colors were awesome, temps were PERFECT, it was a great time even if that's all we had going.

The creeks were simply beautiful. I was having to entertain and keep an eye on my boy, who isn't always interested in fishing, so we didn't do nearly as much as I'd liked, but it was still eventful.

Finally, at the end of a decent hike (for a tired 4yo) in the Deep Creek section of the park, we stopped at a pool where I saw lots of small wild 'bows. I made a few casts with my Air Stage 290 硬中硬, White Tenkara tapered line, some 7X, and a small golden-yellow soft hackle beadhead from the local shop in Bryson City. The little guys were nibbling at it, but I kept missing takes, and it may have been too big for them.

Finally, just as I was about to give up, I saw the unmistakable white fin edges of a brookie come out from the shadows, and I couldn't believe the size! I gave the fly a little twich, fish turned and took it. Then I was like "crap, what do I do now?".... This fish was one of the larger trout I've hooked, and I had it hooked with my softest rod on 7X. I was able to play him long enough and soft enough to protect the tippet, get the photo, and release the beast.

No, it's not a wild brookie- some stockers make their way into that section of the park from the Tuckasegee River.

After that fish, I put away my gear and was satisfied.

Wyatt had fun hiking, seeing waterfalls, was super stoked about the big "bwook twout"...

I was thrilled to land such a hog on the small rod.

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Air Stage 290 硬中硬

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Nov 04, 2016
Awesome story and fish!
by: Les A.

Chris' fishing buddy "Coach" says he under-rates his rods! Those of us who live in the West default to think everything east of Chicago is wall to wall city. What beautiful country. I am always amazed at how small of water a big fish can live in. I am fishing with a Shimotsuke Kiyotaki 24 on my last two outings. My two fishing buddies think I have lost a screw when they see my "wimpy"
little rod. They don't know how much fun it is! Fishing is fun, time with your son is priceless.

Nov 05, 2016
Nice fish
by: Rob R. (FJ Guy)

That's a nice fish Chris. That rod will handle a larger fish than that. Just depends on your skill in bringing it to the net. I caught a 17 inch brown on the Kurenai, I used to have, and it handled the fish better than I would have imagined.

Nov 07, 2016
by: Phillip Dobson

Gorgeous. (The scenery and the fish.)

The brook trout rarely get that big out here. That said, the best one I caught (about 17") was on the soft Sagiri. If it works, it works!

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