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Another Great day

by Terry Farmer

Hello good folks,

We've had a very late winter here in New Mexico. It's just starting to freeze overnight around the state. I took advantage of this and decided to make a trip to one of my favorite fishing places before the freeze. The Las Conchas access to the East Fork of the Jemez River was my destination. I arrived about 9:30 am. The weather was mild, no wind at all and no one in sight. Perfect! I hiked a trail through the meadows along the creek for about an hour (1.7 miles). At this point the canyon narrows to steep cliffs on each side of the river. It looked truly magical down the river but not having my waders I decided to stop there and fish back upstream to the car.

The first fish was a Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout and a pleasant surprise as I hadn't seen RGCT in the East Fork previously. The next was a nice Brown. The third was another RGCT with amazing vivid coloring. Absolutely beautiful fish.

Gear used was my TenkaraBum 36, 3.6 Fujino soft white line, 5' of #6 tippet and a snowshoe hare emerger.

Today was one of the most enjoyable fishing trips I've ever experienced. The peace, wonder, excitement and serenity were just what i needed. I'm now ready to let winter do it's thing.

Peace and tight lines,

Comments for Another Great day

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Nov 10, 2016
Thumbs up
by: Rob R. (FJ Guy)

When I fished the caldera in Sept, I drove past the access on the way to La Cueva lodge. There were numerous cars there so I didn't stop to fish. I did fish around La Cueva but never got back around to the access area. Fished the San Antonio, outside the caldera, and caught a bunch.

Nov 10, 2016
Beautiful Fish
by: Les A.

I have never caught a Rio Grande, I guess I need to take a trip to New Mexico! The fish seem to have extra color in the fall even if they are spring spawners. Why do you stop fishing in the winter? Some of the best fishing in Idaho is in the winter. It has got to get colder up here than down in New Mexico. (Coldest Day fishing the Salmon River last winter was at -22 degrees.) With Tenkara you don't have to worry about guides freezing up or reels either.

Nov 10, 2016
Great Areas
by: Terry Farmer

Hey Rob, yep, there are quite a few options all within a half hours drive in that area. San Antonio, Jemez River, in and out of the Caldera, Fenton Lake, etc.. I'm having fun exploring it all. The area is a two hour drive from Albuquerque so day trips are reasonable. Even closer is the Pecos Wilderness area. I hope to give it some attention come spring. The Costilla has become a yearly must do for my wife and I. I also hope to explore the Ute Mountain run of the Rio Grande near Costilla come spring. It's all good!!!

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