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a many many day in the land of enchantment

by bill piatek

I haven't fished my Nissin Fine Mode 270 much this year so I took it along on a trip last week. Three different spots with three different sizes of stockers.

Fished two methods. First was a small shot with a bit of floating trout worm. Second was a salmon egg under a tiny float. Both methods worked.

One spot had shelf ice and the rod is just great for holding the float out in mid current. Another spot had a deep slot and the shot and trout worm worked well dragging it off the sandy shallows and into the slot.

Have to admit I fished a UL spinning rod for a bit too but Tenkara/Keiryu is just such fun with a fish on and works better sometimes.

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Dec 20, 2018
Another Many
by: Terry Farmer

I had the honor of joining Bill and a couple of his friends for fishing today. It was a great spot, sunshine, 55 degrees, and many, many 10 - 12" trout. We all had a wonderful outing! Happy Holidays every one and tight lines in 2019.

Dec 22, 2018
yup we sure had fun
by: bill piatek

I can assure you Terry is better at Tenkara than I.

Ran out of bait so I started fishing the Lupin spoons on a UL spinning rod. Small shallow pool warmed by a hot spring. The water was so clear but you couldn't see any fish.

I retrieved the Lupin as slow as possible upstream, a silver flash and wham the fish were on. Got a half dozen or so in that one small spot in about 30 minutes!

Dec 22, 2018
by: Les Albjerg

I have worked hard twice to get other fixed line fisherman to join me. I have a long standing email discussion going with a fairly famous fixed line fisherman in Eastern Idaho, and every time we think we have a date to fish together, something has happened! Nice to see you two having fun!

Winter is a special time of the year. The 29th is a firm date for me to go on a fishing adventure on a new river! It has been scouted by my steelhead fishing partner. His 10 year old son has already asked if he can fish with the TenkaraBum Traveler 44 when we go. I spoiled him with it last summer. Maybe I am just going to have to grow my own fixed line partner! His dad is wed to his fly rod.

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