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The Stream Climbers

by Les Albjerg
(Caldwell, Idaho)

My Suntech Genryu Sawanobori 45 arrived yesterday. So what is with this funny name "Sawanobori"?

I looked it up and according to Wikipedia it means, "Sawanobori (沢登り), or Stream Climbing (sawa=stream; nobori=climb), is a type of mountaineering popular in Japan that involves going up mountain streams to their source."

At least now I know how to pronounce it. My definition of Sawanobori is "SMOOTH." I bought the Genryu rod for the wind, and after 4 days of wind, I woke up this morning to a calm day! That didn't stop me from going outside and trying the rod. It is amazingly smooth just like my Keiryu Sawanobori. So here again is another rod that has an amazing progression from butt to the tip. I did some lawn casting this morning with both of the rods. The Genryu is a much beefer rod than the Keiryu. I don't like the word stiffer. This rod is not a stick! It has a nice progression as you cast. It is also intuitive as you can feel it loading on the back cast, before laying out an accurate and smooth forward cast to the target. The beef in the tip is just what I wanted for fishing in the wind. It has the same non-skid finish at the top of the last section as the Keiryu. It casts well one handed and like a feather two handed. The Genryu has the same intuitive feel as the Keiryu. The only real analogy that I can come up with is I have the same rod in two different calibers. It is like having a Remington model 700 in 25/06 and 30/06.

I now own 3 Suntech rods and 3 from other manufactures. They are all excellent! None of my other rods have the smoothness of the Sawanobori rods. I only wish they came in shorter lengths. My questions to Chris is what is the equivalent in smoothness to these rods in a shorter length? Do the Sawanobori rods come in shorter lengths? If you are considering a longer rod, these are worth every penny you spend.

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Feb 24, 2017
Smooth Rods
by: John Evans

Chris could give a much more authoritative answer, but the Nissin Zerosum 360 is a very smooth rod, plus the Nissin Air Stage Rods. Of course, these are not beefy rods, so I guess it depends on what fish you're pursuing. I think you mentioned looking at the Suntech Kurenai 30. It's a smooth rod, too, though a bit more "tip flex." It's definitely designed for smaller fish, though.

Feb 24, 2017
Shorter Sawanobori
by: Chris Stewart

The Keiryu Sawanobori comes in a 53, but that is the shortest. The Suntech FMX Keiryu stiff 45 is a bit heavier and a bit stiffer than a Keiryu Sawanobori 45 would be if it existed. The Field Master 44 is also just a bit stiffer. The GM Keiryu Special 44 is softer.

I have high hopes for a new rod they just introduced, the Field Master Long. It comes in an H and a 2H (I guess hard and extra hard). I have a Field Master Long H 63 but I haven't been able to fish it yet. It also comes in a 54, a 45 and a 72. Just wiggling the 63 in the apartment, I can tell I am going to like it on the stream. I have high hopes for the 54 and 45. Taking two sections away from my 63 to get a sense of what a 45 would be like, it will flex much deeper into the rod than the Keiryu Sawanobori, while still having a very supple tip for light bite indication. It won't be a soft, whippy full flex and should stand up to good sized trout or bass. I don't think I'd target carp with it, although I do know of carp landed with lesser rods.

Because the 4.5m rod will have only 5 sections, it will be light and have a very smooth bend profile. With a collapsed length of 41", it won't be a backpacking rod, but if you can drive to where you fish that shouldn't be a problem.

Feb 24, 2017
Playing in the Wind
by: Les Albjerg

I work evenings, and the wind came up at about noon so I headed to the backyard with my new rod for some wind testing. It was awesome! The Genryu Sawanobori did just what I was looking for. Side wind casts were perfect both left and right putting the proper English on each cast resulted in the beadhead nymph landing on the Frisbee 5 out of 5 times. I could punch into the wind with no problem, and the wind effect on the tip was manageable. Thanks for the great recommendation on this rod.

I was hoping to hit the Boise River in the morning, but they are releasing water and the flow has gone from 350 cfs to just over 6,000 cfs. I may have to hit one of the ponds in the morning.

The new Field Master Long sounds very interesting!

Feb 24, 2017
by: Dave

Sounds like another winner!!!

Feb 27, 2017
by: Les A.

I fished my Suntech Genryu Sawanobori 45 for the first time today. It is suppose to be my "wind" rod, and it was gusting today! I really like the way this rod fishes, even though I didn't catch one today! I found that it fishes really nicely one handed when it is calm. When the wind kicks up, 4.5 meters gets moved around, and a second hand is helpful. This is a beefy rod. It punched into the wind well using a beadheaded hook with a mummy worm. I was very pleased that I was able to keep the Mummy Worms on the hook. I was a bit concerned that the stiffness of the rod wouldn't allow it to cast bait well. The red wigglers held well too. I wouldn't call this a great general purpose rod. I find the Suntech GM Suikei Keiryu Special 44 much more of a general rod. If I were going fishing, and could only take one rod, it wouldn't be the Genryu it would be the Suntech GM Suikei Keiryu Special 44. That said, I couldn't be happier with having the Genryu in my inventory. When the wind comes up, the Genryu will be deployed. It fishes and casts like a feather two handed even in the wind. Even though I didn't catch a fish today, it was a joy to be out on the water.

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