TenkaraBum 40

by Luke B.
(Harrisburg Pa)

Well, I purchased this rod from Chris a little while ago and wanted to wait till I actually got to fish it more then once to write a review.

Fishing in PA on places like the Letort, Big Springs, Penns Creek and Spring Creek are not the easiest as anyone who has fished them knows. You can’t just fish wets and be consistent, you at times have to do a little of everything.

Let me say I didn’t get the TB40 for it’s wet fly abilities (which it does wonderfully). I got it for nymphing and throwing some streamers. Let me also say I could care less about this “tenkara fad” that some do, I’m here to catch fish and tenkara rods do it best. So for what I was looking for, this rod does it.

I have landed some nice fish (15 inch plus range) in fast water and it handles them just fine. Now let me say you still need to get them to slow water but you have the backbone needed to do so. It fishes double rigs with weighted flies and split shot just fine. It fishes light line wets just fine, and even on smaller fish (8 inch range) they feel great because of that softer tip. Hook sets are nice and crisp, because of that stiffer midsection. I have lost one fish and that was due to me having a late hook set.

Fishing a 400 sized rod can wear you out if not properly balanced. This rod has no tip heaviness whatsoever and is balanced perfectly. I've stopped fishing my Royal Stage 400 because my TB40 feels like it’s not even there compared the that rod.

My Oni Type 1, which is beautifully balanced, is no better balanced than the TB40. Although two totally different rods, the TB40 will still cast light line and is an all-day fisher just as the Oni. I love the fuller flex of the Oni but it’s more of a specialized rod. The TB40 will do everything the Type 1 will do and then A LOT more.

Suntech definitely hit the mark on this rod, it does everything a tenkara rod should do but can be fished in so many different ways. I love to nymph, dry fly, throw wets and streamers as do most American tenkara fishermen and this rod will do it all. But if you're a one fly guy and only want to fish wets you're still covered. Now If you are looking for a specialized headwater rod this isn’t it, I mean it could and would still be fun!

If you're looking for a monster trout rod, I wouldn’t say this is it either, even though it will handle them. BUT, if you're looking for an all-around rod this IS it. It will make the little guys feel good and will put the brakes on the big ones. Price point, balance, weight, and fishablity - this is definitely the most you will get out of any tenkara rod available here in the US. You will not be disappointed with this rod! So what are you waiting for, just get one!

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