Tenkara Bum Hi Vis Level Line

by Brandon
(Phoenix, AZ)

Here's a little story about your hi vis level line. I went to a local subdivision pond a few weeks ago, mostly to throw spinners at the population of bass there, which average about a 10-12" largemouth. I brought my Iwana just to see what would happen. There were about 30 small bass hanging out by an inlet pipe, and with the tenkara rod I was able to crouch down and stay about 15' away from them, and caught two on a size 14 kebari before they got wise to me and scattered. This was just as the sun was coming up, and I was using a 12' length of your size 3 orange fluoro. I could not believe how bright your line was in the low light. I was able to see exactly where my line entered the water, and watch there for any sign of a take. I have fished with the Stren Clear Blue quite a bit, and while it's decent, there were plenty of casts where I had to search to find the end of my line. I don't think there's a situation where I wouldn't be able to see your line.

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