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Tenkara Bum Hi Vis Level Line

by Brandon
(Phoenix, AZ)

Here's a little story about your hi vis level line. I went to a local subdivision pond a few weeks ago, mostly to throw spinners at the population of bass there, which average about a 10-12" largemouth. I brought my Iwana just to see what would happen. There were about 30 small bass hanging out by an inlet pipe, and with the tenkara rod I was able to crouch down and stay about 15' away from them, and caught two on a size 14 kebari before they got wise to me and scattered. This was just as the sun was coming up, and I was using a 12' length of your size 3 orange fluoro. I could not believe how bright your line was in the low light. I was able to see exactly where my line entered the water, and watch there for any sign of a take. I have fished with the Stren Clear Blue quite a bit, and while it's decent, there were plenty of casts where I had to search to find the end of my line. I don't think there's a situation where I wouldn't be able to see your line.

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Feb 20, 2011
Hi Vis lines and Kebari for Bass
by: TenkaraBum

Thanks for your comments. It really is an amazing line. What surprises me the most is how something that is so easy for us to see doesn't seem to scare the fish at all. The second most amazing thing is how subtle the takes are sometimes - just the littlest tick or hesitation. You really have to be able to see the line well to detect those!

I've also caught bass on a sakasa kebari, and find them much more pleasant to fish with than the bigger, bulkier, harder to cast flies that most people seem to use for bass. Try three or even four flies sometime (check your local regulations). I've found multiple flies to be much more effective than a single fly. (You might need the size 4 line, though.)

Feb 22, 2011
Tenkara Level Lines
by: Danny

I have tried many level lines and found that Rio Slick Shooter running lines work the best and have very little memory. Sunset Amnesia works good too, and both are very visible. Yes, the fluorocarbon lines are more dense but they have more memory and are much more expensive.

Feb 22, 2011
Rio Slick Shooter
by: TenkaraBum

I've never tried Rio Slick Shooter, so I suppose I shouldn't pre-judge it. The LIGHT weight is 35# test, though. That's pretty heavy line. The heaviest nylon line I've used is 20# and I thought it was a bit too heavy. Fluorocarbon does have memory, but if you stretch it after you take if off the spool as you rig up, you have no more memory problem. $10 isn't a bad price for a spool of Slick Shooter, but for $10 you can get enough hi-vis fluoro to make one rod length line and one 1.5x rod length line for a 12' rod. If you don't have a good use for the other 85' of Slick Shooter, though, there's no savings.

I have tried Amnesia and I wasn't impressed. I thought it was no better than hi-vis gold Stren mono, which in my mind is not nearly as nice as fluorocarbon.

Thank you for commenting, though, because it does raise another option that people might want to consider.

Feb 24, 2011
Tenkara Modification
by: David

Recently when my Tenkara USA Ayu tip split while fishing, I removed the tip section and ran the level line inside the rod and out thru the second hollow section. To my surprise it cast just fine with no noticeable differences, and now (after drilling a small hole in the bottom end cap) I have an adjustable length line.

Has anyone else tried this?

Feb 24, 2011
Tenkara "Modification"
by: TenkaraBum

I don't think I would recommend that. It is so easy to change to a longer line that I don't think having an adjustible length line running through the rod offsets (A) the loss of the length from not having a tip section, (B) the possible increased chance for breakage from the line coming out of the second section instead of being attached to the first, as it was designed to do, and (C) the need to have some method for holding the excess line if you want to shorten the amount coming out of the rod tip. You are in danger of trying to figure out how to tape a reel onto the grip - and certainly of losing a lot of the simplicity that comes with tenkara fishing.

I would recommend just buying a replacement tip section and fishing the way the rod was intended.

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