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Suntech HM39R / Large Rod Case

by Terry Farmer

My new Zerosum Oni 450 has changed my long standing rod action preference. It casts so beautifully I have become spoiled. I've come to realize that I prefer a softer action as opposed to the action of the stiffer rods I've been using for the past couple of years. Hence my new Suntech Kurenai HM39R. Wow!, what a rod. It's as light as a feather and casts beautifully with little effort on my part. Suntech has a winner with this rod. The fit, finish and design are typical Suntech quality, first class. I took it out today for some bluegill action. I can hardly wait to try it out on some trout.

The plastic rod cases Chris lists are another great piece of equipment. They're super light and adjustable length. I got the large one so I can carry several rods at a time. I've fitted it with a belt loop so it doubles as a holster. I just slip the rod I'm fishing with in it, fully extended for changing flies, tippet or whatever. No more laying the rod down or collapsing for any of these actions.

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Oct 05, 2015
by: TIMMY!

Terry, it too have a couple of those cases but never thought of a belt loop/holster, great idea!!

Oct 12, 2015
Suntech HM39R & Uncollapsed Rods
by: Paul Arnold

I sure agree with your assessment of the Suntech HM39R. For me, it is definitely in the category of, "If I could only own one rod....".

As for sticking uncollapsed rods into your belt holster, I imagine that requires some mighty careful casting to avoid those 12-14 foot antennae. More importantly, walking upright under power lines might require some courage. Yet, the idea holds appeal. Bully for you --you have a very creative mind.


Oct 12, 2015
Third hand
by: Chris Stewart

I read the suggestion as being more of a third hand, temporarily holding the rod as you change a fly or unhook a fish. Pretty much the same thing I do by sliding the rod down my hippers to hold it, leaving my hands free. I can't imagine walking around like that.

I have actually had two fully rigged rods, one in my right hand to cast with and the other in my left hipboot for a quick back to back how do these two rods compare kind of thing. For anything other than that it is asking for trouble (as is hooking a fish with the one you are casting!).

Oct 12, 2015
Third hand
by: Terry Farmer

Yeah, it is meant as a third hand helper. I wouldn't walk around with the rod extended in the holster. It's handy for changing flies, tippets, untangling wind knots and taking a photo. I ruined a good rod once laying it down and stepping on it. Lessons learned!

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