Soyokaze 27SR Stress Test

by Harold B

I got the Soyokaze 27SR today. I have been fishing with an Amago from Tenkara USA for two years. The Soyokaze 27SR looked very light. Had to try it so I took it to a nearby pond with lots of bluegill. I put the orange #3 line you gave me on it (thanks for the gift I appreciate it). Some of the bluegill in this pond are pretty good size so I used a 6X tippet I had (3.2#). I was afraid it might be too much for the rod, but I didn't think the 8X I bought would hold the larger bluegill. Got to pond, cast a couple times; really different feel than the Amago. Flipped a one-inch black twister tail on a #14 hook out along the moss and it was snapped up by a 6" bluegill. The rod handled it well, actually easier than I expected, it is soft on the end but has a good bit of backbone.

Cast to about the same spot, the water boiled as a large mouth bass about 15" swirled to the surface. He took the little twister tail. After a couple zig zags in the water the fish realized he was hooked, and headed out for deeper water. Now what should I do? I have a big fish, a pretty strong tippet and a very light pole. I kept the pole about 45 degrees hoping to reduce the stress on it, at this point I would be happy to see the tippet break. The tippet didn't break and my little rod was really stressed. The bass turned against the strain of the line, surged to the surface and leaped into the air, throwing the hook free. The little Soyokaze 27SR passed it first stress test.

After catching a few more bluegill, I landed a 8" large mouth bass. I was really impressed how well the little rod handled a fish of that size. The bass finished off my little twister tail, so I tied on one of your killer bugs. It cast beautifully and brought in several more bluegills.

The Soyokaze 27 is wonderful to cast, just a flick of the wrist rolls the line out it's full length effortlessly, and drops the fly in the water silently. It is almost like the rod is not there, the fly just shoots across the water because you willed it. It is the smoothest casting rod I have ever experienced. Caught a couple dozen fish in about an hour. I love the rod, a great tool for smaller fish.

I am not sure about using the 6X tippet, the rod held up today, but I fear it may be too strong for the rod. I would rather break the tippet than the rod. Have you any insight on the maxim that this rod can handle safely.

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May 19, 2012
Tippet recommendation
by: TenkaraBum


Thank you for your comments. A 15' largemouth would be quite a fish on the Soyokaze 27. I'm glad to hear it stood up to the strain.

I think you're safe with 6X tippet but I wouldn't go any stronger than that. Although the tip is very soft, the force from a fish gets transferred to the stronger, stiffer sections pretty quickly.

Still, the rods are intended to make make catching smaller fish fun and part of the challenge is that a "nice" fish could break your line if you're not careful. I've got 10X Varivas if you really want a challenge.

Of course, there's always horsehair. A horsehair line tapered down to a single hair would certainly break before the rod and would give you all the challenge anyone could want.

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