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Small Fish in Omaha

by Harold Brown
(Indianapolis, Indiana)

While spending a few weeks working in Omaha I slipped out to a small pond in a city park. It was a warm sunny afternoon, not ideal for fishing.

Not knowing what might be in the pond I started out with my Amago with a 1" twister-tail on a #12 hook. I find almost any species of fish will strike a small twister-tail. I soon caught a 3" bluegill, then shortly later a 4" crappie. I soon realized that about all I was going to catch was small fish so I switched to my Soyokaze 27, 9' rod with #3 line and a Tenkara Bum Killer Kebari. Just a rod, a line and a fly.

In spite of the fact that the light did not allow me to see my line I fished the Killer Kebari without any kind of strike indicator, I was fishing completely by feel. I found if I allowed the fly to sink slowly, then gently lifted it an inch or two at a time, the fish would strike as it rose. A slight amount of resistance would indicate a fish taking the fly. After a while I could almost anticipate the strike. I ended up catching 3 or 4 dozen fish of four different species in about 3 hours.

It was a great afternoon, the ideal escape from work. You just can't think about work while you're holding your breath waiting to sense that light twitch on the line. With a good spinning rod I may have been able to cast to the center of the pond and catch two or three big fish, but in my mind the little fish are a lot more fun.

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Jun 21, 2012
Don't Leave Home Without It
by: TanagoBum

Harold, that's a great story and illustrates one of the things I was thinking this past weekend while fishing in New York's Central Park. I would bet that most cities in the US have a park with a pond or a stream, if not right in the city at least nearby. If you are leaving home for a business trip, do not leave home without your Soyokaze.

Most are not going to be pristine mountain streams. Most are not going to hold trout. Most, however, will have fish of some kind. The ponds will probably have sunfish and the streams will probably have minnows. With the right rod, they'll still be fun and will provide a welcome break from the office and the hotel room.

You won't need waders or a net, just a fly box that will fit in your shirt pocket, a line that will fit about anywhere, and a rod that just might fit in your briefcase.

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