Size 30 hooks

by Timothy Hyer-Devine
(Menomonee Falls, WI)

Package and color code

Package and color code

I had gotten some Varivas 2300 #30 ultra midge hooks. They are listed as 4x fine micro barb. If there is a barb, I can't see it. The other thing I can barely see is the eye. Threading them is a nightmare. I came across the Gamakatsu C12-BM. They are a curved nymph style midge hook. They are also barbless. But the best feature is the eye. They are listed as Big Eye. I'll let the photos say the rest. (The 30 mph wind and frozen rivers/streams here in the midst of the POLAR VORTEX leave all experimentation a few months down the road.)

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“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” - Benjamin Franklin

"Be sure in casting, that your fly fall first into the water, for if the line fall first, it scares or frightens the fish..." -
Col. Robert Venables 1662

As age slows my pace, I will become more like the heron.


The hooks are sharp.
The coffee's hot.
The fish are slippery when wet.

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