Shimotsuke tenkara starter kit

by Jai
(N.S.W, austraila )

The Shimotsuke starter kit is a setup which includes 3.3m or 3.6m Shimotsuke tenkara rod, Yamatoyo size 3 or 3.5 level line and two small line spools. On my first try with my setup I rigged 3m of Yamatoyo size 3 level line and 1m of 1lb test Maxima tippet with a size 12 long shank hook and some bread for bait. Not long after that I hooked my first fish on a tenkara rod,a yellowtail scad it was close to 1lb. I was surprised how well the rod protected the 1lb tippet, I was amazed how powerful the fish was on light tackle. I felt every kick of the tail. It was like catching a yellowfin tuna. The fish took around 5 minutes to land, when I finally had the tippet in reach I grabbed hold of the tippet and landed the fish I was pleased, soon after that I caught another yellowtail scad it didn't take as long to land the fish, I also caught two bastard trumpeter. One of them wrapped around a pole covered with barnacles it took a few minutes until the fish was out in the open. This 1lb test Maxima tippet was so tough I did not need to change the tippet after the fish wrapped around the pole that was covered in barnacles. Just because it's a cheap setup doesn't mean this is a kids' setup but it will make a great gift for anyone 9 years and up. As I was saying this is not a rip-off. This will be a great setup for beginners to the professionals. It will also work very well as a micro fishing rod.

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