Prototype Rod Cases

These are prototype rod cases that I believe were made for me years ago by Mountain Cork. They are similar to the Mountain Cork 25.5" Tenkara Rod Case with two noticeable differences. 1) their 25.5" Tenkara Rod Case comes with a durable PVC inner case. I wanted a lighter weight case, so the plastic tubing inside these cases is only semi-rigid - less rigid than the blue plastic Medium Rod Case. 2) their 25.5" Tenkara Rod Case comes with a nylon web handle in addition to the web shoulder strap. These prototype cases have only the shoulder strap.

The cases have what appears to be a nylon or polyester outer covering and a polyester lining inside the plastic tubing. The outer covering on the gray case is a thicker, heavier fabric than on the black case, for which the outer cover and inner lining appear to be made from the same fabric.

The cases will provide more protection than a rod sock but less than the blue Medium Rod Case. They look a lot nicer than the Medium Rod Case, though, and each has a nice shoulder strap.

Neither case has ever been used.

Only one of each available. $15 each.


Please note: I cannot seem to get the shipping charge automated for these cases. If you wish to purchase one or both please let me know using the Contact Us link. Please be sure to include your name and delivery address, and the item you wish to purchase.

Shipping to a US destination will be via USPS Ground Advantage, and should be $10-13 depending on destination.

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