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Pro Spec 2-way 360 7:3 for micros?

by Marcel Du Plessis

Hi, I was just wondering if i could try micro fishing with a 7:3 Pro spec 360. Im not up for buying a new rod for micros, so I am interested in knowing how, if at all, I could fish micros on this rod.
Tight lines,

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Sep 23, 2017
Of course!
by: Chris Stewart


Yes, you can use your Pro Spec 360 7:3. If you plan to use small flies, use the lightest line you can cast with it - perhaps a size 3. Use tippet of 7X or smaller, and of course, the smallest flies you have (size 20 or smaller). If you plan to use bait, you could use tippet material all the way from the hook to the lillian, with a very tiny float for strike detection.

I suspect there are others who use their regular tenkara rods for micros.

Sep 23, 2017
Re: Of course!
by: Marcel Du Plessis

Thank you chris! I recently purchased your owner tanago floats, so that will be a huge help.
do you have any idea of what i should make the line out of (tippet sizes,taper, length, etc) I will figure it out, but help would be appreciated.

Sep 23, 2017
Long line short line
by: Alan Luecke

I use two setups for micros, a casting rig and a shortline rig. I use several different rods for casting, but lighter is better. My favorite is the Kurenai HM30R with 2.5 line and 7X tippet. Size 20 or 22 bead head flies are perfect for this setup. When I go to to 26's or smaller I add a No.10 split shot a little back from the fly.

Shortline micro fishing is all about placing the hook right in front of a specific fish. My basic setup is the Kiyotaki 18 with about 18" of heavy braid or mono followed by two feet of 7X with a very small fly and a No. 10 shot. The theory behind the heavy line is to create a stable rig for placing the fly and also one that resists turning into a birds nest on a missed hook set. Since there is no casting involved I experimented with heavy shot to create as much stability in current as possible. It works but the down side is deadly momentum that will tangle the whole rig in a nano second. Stiff and light is my current strategy but it's always evolving.

Sep 23, 2017
For sure!
by: Chris from AL

I haven't done true micros with a "full size" rod, but I have caught a lot of small sunfish, bass, and trout with 3.6 and longer. One of my most memorable was a rainbow parr that was probably 2.5", on a size 18 adams while fishing an Air Stage 390.

Yours is the only verson of the Pro Spec family that I haven't owned, but I would think 2.5 or 3 LL would suit it well. I regularly used 2.5 with my 2-way 360 6:4. I miss that rod, btw :)


Sep 23, 2017
Re: Of course!
by: Marcel Du Plessis

Thank you Chris!
I found time this afternoon to try making a line.
It is about 2.5 meters long. I used 3x tippet at the tip to attach to the lillian, followed by 5 or six feet of 5x tippet, with 7x at the very end. the tanago float i recently purchased sits just above the (lightly) weighted tippet connector between the 5x and 7x tippet.
If this is not a good line composition, I would appreciate some tips such as length and taper.

Sep 23, 2017
Full line dimensions
by: Marcel Du Plessis

My line I made is 18 inches of 3x tippet, 56 inches of 5x tippet, and 2 feet of 7x tippet. help would be appreciated.

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