by Chris Schatte

On my last trip it was the first time that I had used my new Sagiri. Fished a little on Wednesday and had some success. Had better luck on Thursday most of the day.

The river I fish the most can go from very wide and shallow to narrow with lots of overhang just around the bend and I have been there enough that I know the water somewhat.

Thursday afternoon storms started rolling in around 5 and I was off the water by 5:30. It rained cats and dogs! Almost 4 inches fell overnight so I knew the water would be muddy with lots of debris. I had tried Chris's "killer bugs" here before and had some success.

I always take a decent supply of tying materials with me and had some red hooks. So I decided to tie a takeoff of the "killer bug" with some red d-rib and copper wire and a slightly darker dubbing.
The next morning with my Sagiri going from wide areas to narrow I had the best nymphing experience yet! Caught 15 almost 1 right after the other. Line was Chris's hi-vis Chartreuse.

I also noticed one thing once again while on the water. I have several T-USA rods and now 3 Daiwa rods. The Daiwa rods are much quieter when retracting. Since I am the only Tenkara Angler in my area I get lots of looks and comments. Each time I retracted a T-USA rod other anglers could hear and would look. This did not happen with my Daiwa rods.

Also, I did notice a considerable difference in weight while fishing the Sagiri and the Kiyose 30SF vs a "standard" Tenkara rod.

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