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Nissin Sasuke ninja!

by Mike W. Tacoma Wa

Recently received my Nissin Sasuke! What a nice little stick! Haven't gotten to try it out yet. Can't wait to Ninja mode and give it a try! The Lillian is quite short, but I managed to get a knot in the end so I'm ready to go ! Will report when I get out there!!

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Apr 06, 2017
Micro fun!
by: Les A.

Mike - I am looking forward to hearing a report on your first adventure with your new rod. I have gone micro fishing on purpose twice. I can't believe I had so much fun! I am using a Shimotsuke Kiyotaki for my micro fishing. What are you going after with your new rod?

Apr 09, 2017
Nissin sasuke
by: MiKe W. Tacoma WA

Hey Les, I will be targeting the small freshwater sculpin common to western Washington first. After that, perhaps small sunfish? Then who knows! Might be down in Oregon for a bit this month, so I'll see what's around there! I too have a kyotaki, the 21. Might bring it along for back-up! I'll report soon I hope! Tight lines and no reels! Mike W. Tacoma WA.

Apr 10, 2017
by: Les A.

Sounds like fun. I am planning on fishing for the rare Shoshone Sculpin this summer. They are found in the springs near Haggerman, Idaho. I will also be trying for the Wood River Sculpin as well. I need to order a photo tank on my next order. I have been watching some of the Japanese videos on YouTube, and they have some very cool pictures using a photo tank. I never thought fishing for the little guys would be so much fun! Post some pictures!

Apr 10, 2017
Sculpin rod
by: Chris Stewart

The Japanese also fish for sculpins. They use a very short rod, maybe 3', with no more than a few inches of line, a split shot, a hook and a salmon egg. They poke the rod tip down in front of rocks that have space for a little fish to live under them. They also use a underwater viewing device that looks like a large tube with a glass bottom. The glass bottom, held under the surface, allows you to see down into the water. The tube has to be wide enough to look through easily, yet narrow enough to block out most sunlight. That allows them to see the rod tip twitch when a fish takes the salmon egg.

I made a sculpin rod out of an ice fishing blank but haven't found any sculpins to fish for.

The Sasuke should work reasonably well, although you might not want to stick the tip down between the rocks.

I think I could import sculpin rods, but I don't know how expensive they would be (probably not very) or how many people would be interested in one (probably not very many).

Apr 10, 2017
sculpins 101
by: Mike W.

Hey Guys! Thanks for the input! Microfishing is a lot more complex than I figured, which is fantastic if you ask me. There are so many species to target even if you concentrate on only sculpins or minnow species etc. I could never do that, but it would be fun! The Shoshone sounds interesting? I think the main species around here is the Mottled? Have caught many on ultralight spin gear as a youth! After some research, one of my goals is to catch an Olympic mudminnow. A species endemic to Washington state! I hope their habits and environment make them fishable! We shall see, as there are rumors of scattered populations close to home! Not sure if I could use a dedicated sculpin rod!? sounds like an interesting way to fish, but I've had pretty good luck with just a split shot and some balls-o-fire salmon eggs! Of course I do have some mummy worms and nikko maggies on the way to try out! Thanks Chris!! Maybe a photo tank next?! Have fun out there guys! Tight lines and no reels! MIke W.

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