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The Nissin Mon is a slightly firm, very compact tanago rod. The name is pronounced "moan" and translates as "crest" as in family crest or coat of arms.

The most striking thing about the rod is that it collapses to just 6.75 inches! With this rod, there really is no excuse for not having micro fishing gear with you no matter where you go. (And almost no matter where you go, if there is water there will be micros!)

Nissin "Mon" tanago rodNissin "Mon" tanago rod

In addition to being short when collapsed, the Nissin Mon tanago rods only come in shorter lengths. They are only made in 2.6, 3 and 3.3 shaku lengths. Translated to inches, the extended lengths for the rods are  32, 36 and 40 inches.

The rods are noticeably stiffer than the Daiwa Hinata or Nissin Tanago Koro. A small sunfish or fair sized creek chub would still be able to put a bend in the rod, though.

Nissin recommends tippet no stronger than 6.5X. If you don't have 6.5X, use 7X. The snells on the Owner and Gamakatsu New Half Moon and Smallest tanago hooks would be fine, so you could use stronger line from the rod tip to the snell.

One thing I have found with respect to Japanese fixed line rods is that lighter overall weight or shorter collapsed length often translates into higher cost, and that holds true for the Mon. Prices range from $185 to $205. If you want the most portable rod of all, though, it might be worth it - especially if you find yourself sitting on a rock near shore eating your lunch on a tenkara fishing trip, and look down only to see micros just a couple feet away - which happens to me a lot.

Quantities are limited.

Nissin Mon 2.6
Nissin Mon 3.0
Nissin Mon 3.3


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