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Nissin Honryu 380 QUICK REVIEW

by Jimi Fly
(Warrensburg, MO)

If any rod deserves to be named after Ebisu (who was a god) then it is the Nissin Honryu 380. First off this rod seemingly casts in slow motion. It puts the fly right where you want it to go. The balance is amazing. It is super light and a better rod for lighter lines like #2.5 or even #1 line. With 12 foot of #3 line and a 3 foot tippet I found that the line sang with every fish I caught. I have owned 5 "Tenkara" rods before this one and with this rod I finally feel like I know what a tenkara rod is supposed to be. There is a HUGE difference between this rod and all the other rods I have tried from different companies.

To conclude if you like driving a Yugo or a Pinto that is just fine but for me from now on when I fish I will be driving a Rolls Royce and catching fish in proper style.

May your line always sing!

Comments for Nissin Honryu 380 QUICK REVIEW

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Apr 13, 2014
Best of their kind
by: John V.

I own both the 380 and the 450 Honryu rods.

I totally agree with your assessment. These rods are in a class of their own. Possibly the best of their kind period.

Apr 14, 2014
by: Terry Farmer

The 450 Honryu is currently my favorite rod. Guess I'll go ahead and purchase the 380. I've heard nothing short of rave reviews.

Apr 15, 2014
Moment Values
by: David

If it is of any interest. I just received a Honryu 450. The CG = 98.9cm wt = .085kg ( vs TB's listed wt of 2.9oz = .082kg his scale is perhaps more accurate)
Moment = 8.4 It is slightly tip heavy but really it is pretty good, not tiring and light in the hand. One thing you don't think about is collapsing the rod. With fewer sections to collapse it does store a little quicker and speeds up rolling up the line.

For comparison: Tom Davis listed the Moment of the Honryu 380 = 5.3. My Ayu2 M = 8.55 and Ayu M = 8.3. Ito 3.9 M = 7.84 and Ito 4.45 M = 10.93. Daiwa LL 36 SF M = 4.82. TT Try 390 M = 6.0

I haven't yet had the opportunity to fish with the Honryu 450. Only cast as few different lines into the stream in front of my house. I think I am going to like it. Adapting to the casting rhythm it likes was easy, Hope to fish with it in the next week or two.

May 21, 2014
The Honryu 450 Excuse
by: David

Three weeks back I spend 10 days fishing at the family vacation home. I went there planning on fishing several different rivers, large and small, and a couple of lakes using several different tenkara rods.

But I found the Honryu 450 so much fun to cast and fish with I made excuses to only fish waters where I could use the 4.5m rod. It was the only rod I fished with the entire 10 days.

Mostly I fished with a 5m #4 line + 1m tippet. Occasionally a 4m #4 line. As long as I cast with the right rhythm and gave just a little pause on the back cast, it was difficult not to land fly first on each cast. Wonderful.

While I like casting and fishing with all my Tenkara rods, from different companies, the Honryu 450 may be my new #1. It's clearly in the same class as the Daiwa LL 36 and may have bumped it from the #1 spot. But I will have to get myself to leave the Honryu 450 in the car and fish some with the LL 36, since I haven't fished with it since last summer, before I make that judgement. It could be a dual crown. One for bigger waters and the other for smaller waters.

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