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Nissin fine mode 270

by Dave
(Baton Rouge )

I guess it doesn't matter how you come to Tenkara as long as you come to it. I got interested in Tenkara from youtube videos I found while learning to fly fish. My first day fly fishing was terrible and the second was not much better. Eventually I got better and about a year later found the aforementioned videos. Suffice it to say I purchased a rod from an American rod company and it works ok. Fast forward two years and I am fishing little mountain streams where I needed a smaller rod and line. I chose the Nissin Fine Mode 270 in the small stream kit. One word describes it..... fine. Not fine as in ok but as in that rod is good looking and killer on the water. The stiffer action being a keiryu rod casts line better than my longer Tenkara rod. The fit and finish is far superior, and is everything I want in a small rod. It is a pleasure to fish and am already planning another rod purchase from the site. Small streams and need a little back bone look no further. Next stop for me is keiryu!

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Oct 28, 2016
by: Dave

Really can't say enough good things about this rod. Not sure if it would be good for micros, but I may try it out.

Oct 29, 2016
A Very Fine Rod Model Indeed!
by: Herb S.

Hi Dave:
I have the 320 and agree that it's well named, being light, sensitive, capable and a terrific caster.

Of course you can use your 270 for micros, after all the micro web site recommends crappie poles. The question is, as Chris points out, how much do you want to feel the fight of tiny fish? But for a start the Fine Mode will help you decide if you want to really get into micro fishing, and any keiryu rod is better than a fiberglass pole.

I've been looking into micro fishing myself, and am using 2 rods: the 13' Nissin Air Stage Hakubai 390 and the almost 8' Shimotsuki Kiyotaki 24. The Hakubai, a seiryu rod,is excellent for reaching pockets in the weeds of our slow flowing rivers and soft enough to feel the fights of small fish as well as a blast with panfish on 7X - a two purpose rod. The Kiyotaki is a bit stiff for micros but is good for now. Chris sells some very interesting short micro and seiryu rods...

Oct 30, 2016
World upside down
by: Dave

Yeah I think I may pick up some micro rigs to see how I like it. If I do of course I'll get a rod more suited. Actually really excited to do some regular keiryu fishing as well. I have always done bait fishing for salt water but never for fresh. I am trying to transition to all fix line fishing. I got the fine mode for small streams, already planning a field master for general use and maybe a carp rod for inshore salt water. I am truly going down the rabbit hole and this site is wholely responsible lol.

Oct 31, 2016
All I can say is:
by: Herb S.

Welcome to the rabbit hole, Dave. LOL Keiryu is almost too much fun. Enjoy!

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