Nissin Airstage Honryu and my biggest trout

by Rick
(up state NY)

I like my Nissin Airstage Honryu 4505. I have tried 2-3 different lines and it has worked well with all. I used 15' of #4, 1' of #2 and a leader of 2' of 3X and 2-4' of 5X today. I cast #18 to #10 Tenkara flies, small streamers and beadheads. I landed 2 rainbows over 20" with one much heavier than the other. They were landed quickly and released without removing them from the water. (I took pictures but do not know how to post them, I am working on it and have a new camera). I think the rod was near its max with these big fish in this river. I hope to get many more fish with the Nissin Honryu. I have fished with Tenkara 37 of the last 40 days and have landed many fish but these 2 rainbows were special.

P.S. There were 3 fly fishermen on the water. I had 1 fish before they got there and gave up the best water for them to fish, I then got my biggest fish in water they had already fished. They got 0. They were very impressed with Tenkara. A good day in the wilds of western Mass.

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