Nissin Air Stage 240 for Bluegill

by Don

Chris, just purchased one of these a couple of weeks ago and what a delight. Was using at a nice County Pond and the temp was 55 (windy and cold feeling) and the water was 60.8 degrees. Used a 12 Fluor main line with a 7 x tippet and a size 14 hook.

I really didn't even have to set the hook. the rod pretty much does that for you. It is probably the way I fish. Use a clear fluorcarbon because I slower pull my fly along with almost all of the line and tippet submerged under water.

Bluegills were in the 5-6" range and the largest was very displeased and gave the rod a full workout.

Winds were 10-15 miles per hour and was still able to cast into the wind and the rod did a beautiful job.

Plan to use for all types of sunfish and micro fishing.

Chris, thank you for covering other species besides only the trout family. There are many of us in this country who only have warm water species and some who only have access to very small micro waters. I know you once made a comment about people don't buy panfish rods. It is the only statement I haven't totally agreed with you on. I am 60 years old and have fished cold water and warm water species and I have finally made the total move to the sunfishes.

I certainly own you Nissin SP390 as well and again what a joy to use!

I feel the fishing community is doing a disservice to the future of fishing by getting way from teaching new comers the cane pole style and the Tenkara method for fly fishing to start newbie on.

I love the simplistic style of gear of Tenkara and not worry about all the toys and constant going for the largest fish. I love standing on a bank with others around a pond and I'm putting a big bow in a fish with a 4 - 8" fish, one after an other.

Thanks Chris for all you do for all of out here to find a place to go.

Sincerely, Don

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