by Peter
(Lowcountry, South Carolina)

Well since it was a nice day I decided to go out to the pond and do a little fishing. Well the bream were not biting nor were the catfish but in the shallows I saw these guys all over. Anyway I broke out my smallest pole (elcheapo from E-Bay see photo), put on a snelled tanago hook. and got my photo tank ready (btw it came from here as did the hooks). Anyway I cut a tiny bit of worm using my surgical scissors and proceeded to use tweezers to thread it on the hook.

So once baited up I simply dropped the bait tight lining it (using a no4 splitshot as weight) and these guys were all over it. I actually hooked 9 of them but only took a picture of 1 on my hand and the 5 in the tank (which got transferred to my aquarium inside for a while). Of course I had many drop off as they just had the worm and not the hook.

All in all it was a fun time fishing where having the ability to do something "outside the box" from normal fishing made the difference. BTW I am not big on identifying fish, I am not after a "life list", and by no means am I a purist at anything. I simply enjoy fishing and have decided that instead of complicated tackle I am going more simplistic and intend on being able to fish a mud puddle for tadpoles for fun (if they will bite)

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“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” - Benjamin Franklin

"Be sure in casting, that your fly fall first into the water, for if the line fall first, it scares or frightens the fish..." -
Col. Robert Venables 1662

As age slows my pace, I will become more like the heron.


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