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Microfishing YouTube channel

by Alton

I just wanted to share a excellent channel I found while browsing on YouTube. The channel is Easy Fishing and is hosted by an English gentleman that explains fishing with a whip (fixed line rod).

He catches chubs, dace, roach, (and many other species we would consider micros) in English waterways. He explains bait, chumming, worms, fishing with bread (many tricks and techniques I didn't know that help keep bread on the hook and catch fish), plumbing the depth to ensure your bait is where the fish are most likely to be, float fishing and how to place shot to maximize float effectiveness (can be in depth, but very informative, the Brits love their float fishing and make a science out of it).

The channel is geared toward beginner fisherman, but it is packed with information and much of it deals with micro fishing, although that is not what they call it across the pond. Give it a view and you might learn something.

I wish Chris carried bread punches, so I could give them a try.

Tight lines. Alton

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Aug 28, 2019
A link?
by: BKCooper

Could you provide a link for the youtube channel? Sounds pretty cool.

Aug 28, 2019
No links allowed
by: Chris Stewart

Links are not allowed in the comments. I used too get way, way to many spam links for completely unrelated products/services.

If you go to YouTube and enter "easy fishing" in the search bar you will find his videos. Be sure to enter it as two separate words. If you enter "easyfishing" you will get a completely different channel.

Aug 28, 2019
A link?
by: BKCooper

Fair enough.

Aug 29, 2019
Fun stuff
by: BKCooper

I found and watched a few of the videos Bill put out. I enjoyed the fishing and the commentary. Thanks for the info on "Easy Fishing". Might even subscribe.

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