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Micro Fly Dapping - First Time

by JDA
(Middletown, NJ)

I have been reading about Micro Fishing for the last few months and decided to give it a try. I usually fish very highly stressed ponds at my local county park and figured "why not".

I wanted to try fly dapping since it was something I've never done before. I used a 5 foot South Bend telescopic pole, micro split shot, 6 feet of one lb Maxima test, and a #20 dry fly (gnat). I was able to sight fish by swinging out the fly with the weight of the split shot and managed to land about 12 bluegill in the 2-3 inch range. Happy to report all were C&R.

Those small fish on that thin pole was amazing. I was smiling the whole time.

I hope to ramp down the size of the fly and maybe go for smaller sized gills. On my next trip I'll add the micro fishing float and give Micro Fly and Float fishing a try.

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May 23, 2012
Smiling the whole time? That's microfishing!
by: TanagoBum

Welcome to the small world of microfishing. It's a kick, isn't it? I'm pretty sure a lot of small fish will hit flies, and size 20 and down is about right.

I expect the float and fly will work fine.

If your rod will cast fluorocarbon line (and I think it probably will) you could also use it like a short tenkara rod and do away with the micro shot. Either use a small dry fly, or use a small dry fly as a float and a very small, unweighted nymph under it. You will have fish come up and hit your float. Might as well put a hook in it.

I have short lengths of fluoro available for sale as Euro-nymphing Sighters on the TenkaraBum Store - Lines page. The right weights for micro fishing are sold out, but I would be happy to substitute a different line that is the right weight but isn't hi-vis. For extremely short casts it won't need to be.

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