Micro Finesse Original Bloodworm

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The Eurotackle Micro Finesse Original Bloodworm is a 1" long rubber bloodworm. It is the perfect size for sunfish and larger micros like creek and river chubs or smaller fallfish. Trout will take them, too!

I have found the key to fishing such a small rubber worm is to thread about half the worm onto a size 12 or 14 hook and leave the other half of the worm to wiggle enticingly. That also puts the hook point closer to the middle of the worm, so it is more likely that a fish taking the worm also gets the hook.

The main reason the Micro Finesse Original Bloodworm is such a great bait for sunfish is that it is small enough for a sunfish to suck it in and get the whole worm (and the hook).

They come 10 per pack. For smaller micros, if you wanted to use a smaller hook and smaller worm, when you break one off you could easily take just half the worm. If you use a smaller hook, though, you will definitely want a wide gap hook. They are too large for use with tanago hooks, and are really more seiryu sized rather than micro sized.

The packages says "Pheromone Technology" so they would not be legal where scented or flavored plastics are prohibited.

Eurotackle Original Bloodworm, pkg of 10 - $3.60


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