Maxima 4X tippet, tough as hell!

by Carlos A. Blatt

Good sized peacock

Good sized peacock

I used to use fluorcarbon tippets for my warmwater activities chiefly when it comes to small snook tenkara fishing. Snook perhaps don't have teeth but they do have the most abrasive mouth ever!

It's like rubbing your tippet with sand paper, and even the small ones can break 10lb common monofilament!

Well, when Chris introduced me to Maxima last year I was kinda skeptical about its performance till I caught a good sized peacock bass on it. Peacocks are not as mouth abrasive as snook but the fight this one put on the rod and tippet gave me confidence to try it with the snookies.

The opportunity came this weekend when a friend invited me to fish a shrimp farm channel. Well in 2 hours I caught 4 smallies and thanks to the Maxima abrasion resistance all of them came to take a picture with me.

Thanks Chris!
Carlos A. Blatt

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