Learning takes time!

by Carlos A. Blatt

I know learning takes time, but wish I could have read the post "Its all about fishing", or the other very good one "Why I sell rods that aren't tenkara rods" before!

When I first heard of tenkara I tried some crapie poles as a experience. One of them I discovered years later is a superb tenkara rod. Is lightweight, good feel, fast but not stiff.

But, at that time, I had never hold a "real" tenkara rod so how could I know how it would/should feel like? Buying/importing ( I live outside US) one was the logical answer. And so I did.

First one was a 11 Iwana, very good feel, very light, a joy to cast for small fish. But I have big fish here. Then I bought the Iwana 12', not enough, bought an Yamame too... later the Stonefly 390... Oh My, this is Crazy.

Lots of money spent and I was not happy yet!

The more I fished the bigger, heavier ones (feeling tired with a sore arm) the more I find myself looking towards the small Iwana. But as was cautioned not to use a tippet stronger than 5X with it I have lost a lot of big fish, afraid of breaking it.

Then, reading about alternative, custom, tenkara on the web I rembered the crappie poles, one of them was very similar in action an even in shape/length with (just to mention) the Kiyose 30.
It was ten feet, no cork just a flared out non slick handle and weighs only 50 grams (+- 1.8 oz.)!

Hmmm, lets give it a try!

Took my kayak and headed for the lake next to my house. Put a 4 level line, 4X tippet and a #8 foam bug... After some hours casting I noticed it casts beautifully and guess what? Yeah, after some small fish the lunker that always broke me off suddenly was on. The rod bent in half, the fish run to the vegetation, I put some pressure (it was a cheap rod so no matter if it breaks) and he came out, fought a little more and came to my hands. The rod was superb, my arm was ok and was happy with as ever with a cheap (US$ 20)crappie pole that now I put some cork (I like that touch) and is my favorite one!

Well, now, excluding the Iwana, guess I'll have to make a sale!

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