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Kyogi Lines and Rigging

by Les Albjerg
(Caldwell, Idaho)

Kyogi  quadfecta!

Kyogi quadfecta!

I know Chris is going on vacation tomorrow. So this is a head up! I was the benefactor of some 5.5 level fluorocarbon Sanyo Valcan line to try out. (Thanks!) I will be testing it out this week.

I find very little written about lines and rigging for the Kyogi rods. I have some favorites. For all of you Kyogi fishermen and fisherwomen out there, after the 11th of June, I think it would be great if we could have a sharing of knowledge on the Blog. Several times Chris has shot me a Personal Email with questions about my rigging, so that it could be passed on to someone else. I hope I have given good advice. Some pooled wisdom here could give Chris the material to add to the Kyogi page so those who are buying one of these wonderful rods will get off to a good start.

I will go through my notes and do some more testing this week, and submit my findings to start the discussion after Chris is back a few days. Weather has settled, the carp should be on the flats for me next week!

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Jun 05, 2018
Lines for the Kiyogi
by: Jeff D


I've recently made two different lines for the Kiyogi 21.

The first is simply about 18 feet of 20-lb Seaguar clear saltwater fluorocarbon leader material, with keiryu markers, tippet ring and then 12 lb fluoro tippet. I primarily plan to use this line for bait fishing, a sort of "super keiryu" where instead of red wigglers I'll be using shad or cut bait.

The second is a real Frankenstein: 15 feet of 0.042" floating shooting line + a 5 foot poly leader, tippet ring, then a foot or two of 12 lb fluoro tippet. Currently the only poly leader I'm using is a medium sink rate, but there are clear floating, clear intermediate, and fast sinking poly leaders. This combination casts like a bullet and turns over big flies easily. In addition, if you're wading you can do a pretty effective water load cast, so now back casting room for a 20+ foot line isn't an issue.

Jun 12, 2018
Kyogi rigging!
by: Tony S

I use my Kyogi mostly for big game keiryu style angling, which drives how I rig it

I mostly run 1x at the tippet end something in 0.3 mm range for a main line with keiryu markers. I've been happy enough with that combination that I haven't strayed far. If I'm feeling motivated I make a 3 part line, 1x for tippet, 0x for main line and something like 0.3mm or 0.33mm hi vis mono for a tenjo line. For drifting in rivers I tend to go with a line 0.5 meter shorter than the rod. The shorter line makes the drifts easier in the streams I most often fish. It also makes landing easier, especially when solo. Shorter lines do make fighting big fish harder, I've gone as short as 1 meter less than the rod length but rarely do so anymore as the straight rodding risk gets higher. Occasionally I'll go as long as the rod up to maybe a half meter longer than the rod. With rod length and longer lines beaching or having someone else to assist with the landing can be very helpful.

Often I'll run a hi vis plastic 6mm bead on the line at the hook. This is extremely helpful for keeping track of the bait when sight fishing Carp or Suckers on flats. As a bonus you can drift just the bead if you lose your bait and the extra attraction to the worm may help and doesn't appear to hurt.

Our streams are mostly cobble, gravel and sand - for suckers I like the bait to "trundle" across bottom, drifting with near constant contact with bottom and shot appropriately to achieve that. It hurts strike detection but still seems to catch more fish for me. In more snaggy water I'll try and rig to stay within the bottom 6" of the water column but that's more difficult for sure.

I do fish unweighted lines with cutbait or pepperoni slices (or whatever else is handy) to sight fish for Bowfin - one of my favorite fixed line species.

I've been experimenting a little with static bolt rig set ups and float rigged set ups but neither is something I see myself using frequently. I also rigged up one for a Longnose Gar rope fly and another with a wire leader for Esox but haven't used either (yet! I will soon)

Jun 14, 2018
Lines that work for me.
by: Les Albjerg

I want to thank Hoppy D for some Valcan 5.5 level line to try out. There are lots of ways to rig a Kyogi. So I will share what I have discovered. First off, Kyogi fishing isn't the same as delicate Tenkara fishing.

One of my favorite setups is 20 pound Sunset Amnesia mono with a method feeder set-up. Discussing the method feeder is another topic. I use a 24 gram method feeder. Three things I really like about the Sunset line. It is visible. It doesn't have much memory. It is stretchy. Not a trait that one usually wants in a line, but with a method feeder, the carp hook themselves and the weight of the method feeder sets the hook. The stretch of the line really helps tame that initial run of the carp.

My favorite line with the Kyogi Rods is Silver Thread AN40. I have tried all the lines between 12 and 20 pounds. Silver Thread AN40 is a copolymer line. In my experience it is a compromise between mono and fluorocarbon. A good compromise. It doesn't have as much flex as mono, but it doesn't have the memory of fluorocarbon. It casts well, and it give a great connection to the fish. For me, and the Kyogi rods, I have found the 17 pound to work the best.

I found the Valcan 5.5 to be too much of a good thing! It really coils. I had to put my line in some really hot water and then pull it through a rag to get it straighten. Once treated, it cast well. My only carp so far this year was caught on this line and a Karp Kebari. A Karp Kebari is simply a Keeper Kebari tied on a size 6-8 2x -3x steelhead hook. I'll be doing a write-up on the fly soon with pictures. The Valcan 3.5 casts almost as well. Add some shot and it casts just as well.

My favorite so far in fluorocarbon is the -2x Varivas Super Tippet Master Spec. It is rated at 16 pound test. It is much more limp than the Valcan 5.5.

I use a snap swivel as my terminal tackle most of the time. For leader material. I use either 1x or 0x Varivas fluorocarbon for my leader for carp or steelhead. When I am fishing for trout or smallmouth bass with my Kyogi rods, I used 4x Varivas. I almost always use Keiryu Markers on my lines. I like the Owner Professional Markers the best. At times, I use the Nakazima Ball Floats as a strike indicator, and a way to control the depth of the fly. Last summer, several times fishing to cruising carp, I found the Nakazima Ball Floats allowed me to fish the Karp Kebari 3-6 inches off the bottom of the flat. I would cast 6-10 feet in front of the cruising carp, and with the float, I knew exactly when to twitch the fly. I have never had a subtle take fishing this way! I have also used this method for fishing for largemouth bass.

I was going to go fishing for carp this morning, but a cold front went through last night. Two days ago, I was scouting and the carp are at the end of their spawning, so fishing should be picking up. It is a late spawning season this year. I was in picking up some more steelhead hooks and I was talking to another customer and he told me he was spooled by a carp on his 4 weight fly rod. Rather than admiration for such a strong fish, he only expressed disdain. After about a 5 minute conversation he finally admitted having a lowly carp beating him was an ego downer, and that he need to reconsider what an awesome fighter these fish are.

I'm not sure I want to promote Carp fishing in my area too much. It is nice to have the fishery to myself! Unfortunately bow fishing for carp has really picked up in my area. It really disgusts me to see piles of carp stacked up in the trash as the boat launch or dead carp floating in the lake.

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