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Kiyotaki Unchained

by Alan Luecke
(Kansas City, MO)

Morell for micro

Morell for micro

I love the idea of micro fishing. I want to catch every kind of fish in the creek. Awhile back I bought a Kiyotaki 18 specifically to go after micros. I haven't done it. Yes, I've been busy catching fish with "real" tenkara rods ( and keiryu rods, and seiryu rods). The truth is I got stuck worrying about all the micro details of micro fishing-- which line, which tippet, how much weight, where, what bait, how to rig the float and most of all how to keep those impossibly small hooks from turning into a useless ball to tiny red thread.

JimiFly to the rescue. His account of using his Kiyotakis to bascally catch everything that swam by inspired me to get busy. Friday I rigged the 18 with 6' of no. 3 line some 6x tippet and a size 14 Utah Killer Bug. I headed to a known sunfish hole on Tomahawk Creek and immediately caught a nice sized fish. That fish erased any doubts I had about the capability of this little rod. I could feel the backbone and reserve power.

Next I headed to a spot where a bike path backs up a outlet stream into a little pool full of little fish that is too tight even for my Soyokaze 27. I had to side arm the 18 but just hauled the fish out. Not 100, but 20+ in about 30 minutes.

The block has been cleared and I'm ready to go. And thanks to some changes to a Morell flybox I think I've got those little micro bits under control. Last week I spotted some 2" catfish (madtoms?) in a creek as clear as an aquarium.


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Sep 02, 2013
Nice report!
by: TanagoBum


Your mentioning JimiFly made me smile. As soon as I saw your title I thought of him. Unchained is right!

I think my approach to micro fishing is going to be about like my approach to tenkara - it's just fishing. There are certainly techniques we can learn from the Japanese tanago anglers and the British match fishermen, but much of what we do will have to be adapted to our waters and our fish.

At this stage of the game, I think the best thing anyone can do is just go fishing, try things and report back on what works.

For insights on how to catch the 2" catfish (madtoms sounds right) ask on the Non Traditional Fishing Forum, Roughfish Micro Forum or North American Native Fishes Association (NANFA) Micro Fishing Forum. Someone there can give you good pointers. I have links to all three on my Micro Fishing Links page.

Sep 02, 2013
by: Jimi Fly

Now we are all three smiling. I saw the post after another hard day mopping floors. I'm sooooooo happy grinning ear to ear. Even had to go show my mom, I feel famous.

Aren't those little rods a blast? My new go to rod, Kiyotaki's rock! I can't wait to hit the water this afternoon and catch another mess.

I am currently working on an experiment in fish mortality. My plan is to catch two similar size fish, one on a barbed hook and another on a barbless. I plan on keeping both fish in a small tank to see which one lives longer or lives at all. My guess is barbed hooks are really hard on fish, we shall see. Thanks for the props. Lets go fishing!

Sep 02, 2013
by: Alan Luecke

Jason Klass at recently had a thorough and logical essay on the benefits of going barbless. I've started flattening all my barbs simply because these little fish are so good at swallowing things. I very seldom lose a fish if it's on for more than a couple of seconds. Creek chubs are very good at flipping off the hook once they leave the water but bluegill aren't a problem.

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