Kiyotaki 24

by Chris
(Calgary, AB, Canada)

I purchased the Kiyotaki 24 last year at the same time as the Fine Mode Kosansui 270; these were to be used for work where a 12 ft rod was too long for brushy streams or where a 12 ft rod just wasn't needed. My review of the 270 appears elsewhere in the reviews section.

This little rod (the Kiyotaki 24) packs down to a very convenient size and is a feather to hold all day. I used it with a rod-length (7 ft) of 3.0 line and a 1.5 ft of 5x tippet with mostly size 12-16 dry flies. It casts just right and you can be as surgical as you want with placement. I landed a half a dozen Athabasca Rainbow Trout from some extremely brushy/deadfall covered locations (see photos).

Casting is probably not the right word as there were not many spots to cast; dapping or lantern-fishing is likely what was done most of the time. I have no qualms calling it what it is - fun and getting paid (I'm a fish biologist) I'll call it whatever I want!

Due to the extreme woody debris cover, sometimes fish had to be pulled straight up and into a landing net for measuring prior to release. Not ideal for the fish or the intended use of the rod but innovative approaches were needed. The Kiyotaki 24 performed admirably and never once appeared to be under duress (fish sizes were under 180 mm (7 inches) but still put a bend in the rod!)

A great little rod everyone should have in their arsenal.

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