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by Idaho

How do you attach flies to your tippet when using 2 or more flies?

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May 23, 2016
Long tag surgeon's knot tag end
by: Chris Stewart

There are a number of ways to do it. I used to fish multiple flies a lot more than I do now, but I've usually tied a surgeon's knot to join two lengths of tippet, leaving a long tag end from the thicker piece of tippet and attached the dropper fly to the tag end. I used thinner tippet to the point fly so if the point got snagged I wouldn't lose both flies.

Hopefully others will share their methods.

May 23, 2016
Tandem Rig
by: Liam

For my fishing I often run a dry-dropper rig where I run my tippet to a large bushy dry fly with a clinch knot and then use another clinch knot to attach another length of tippet to the bend of the dry fly. This also works with tandem nymph rigs, sometimes you can also attach both tippets to the eye of the first fly. I like using this method because it doesn't require difficult knots and just works.

May 23, 2016
Wet Fly Droppers
by: Herb S.

For several decades I tied my own leaders using blood knots, and as Chris says, the thicker material in each knot was for the fly. Later I began tying them with double surgeon's knots which I think is more secure, though the droppers off blood knots stand out at right angles -- if that makes any difference, which I doubt.

More recently I've been using tippet rings at the end of knotless fly leaders and am thinking of adding them to my level keiryu lines. Perhaps the tag on the uni-knot or improved clinch knot to the ring could be used for a dropper. Or two sizes of tippet material could be used with the surgeons knot and a dropper suspended from there. An interesting experiment.

May 24, 2016
Dropper tags and rings
by: Clyde Olson(SavannahGA)

To create more of a right angle on the tag, make a simple overhand knot on the tag and secure it above the surgeon's knot and you will create more of a right angle in the tag/line orientation. Whether it makes any difference in the catching, as mentioned above, is untested---just looks better. Secondly, love the idea of rings and use them, but from time to time I've had the knot slip/fail---difficult to beat the classic method the Japanese have of simply tying the tippet knot above the knot put at leader's end. I've also used this technique when my dropper tag gets too short: just remove the tag and tie in another tag above the original surgeon's knot used to create the original tag and pull down hard the tag against the surgeon's knot. And . . . if using rings, never put an instrument on them or you might create micro-barbs which tippet material abors.

May 30, 2016
simple dropper
by: John L

I've used all the common dropper arrangements. What I preferred is, tie a fly on with your favorite knot, then above it tie on a length of tippet using the same knot as for the fly. I like Double Davys. Tie a fly on that tippet piece. Thus on a two fly rig you have just tied on the point fly and the first fly tied on is the "dropper". Changing either fly only requires one knot. You might think that the knot tied onto tippet would too easily cut it. My experience over six plus years says not so easily at all.

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