It Should be Illegal

By Alton F

I arrived at a local trout stream which was last stocked about three months ago, and there were three other anglers using spinning gear. I asked how were they biting and was told that they had been there for about two hours with only one chub caught between the three of them. I asked if they would mind if I could fish the spot for a little while.

It was at the head of a spillway, and I knew trout would be there if anywhere. They agreed, but said I was wasting my time. I began to unpack my Suntech ZPRO and one of the guys was intrigued by my long rod and started asking questions about the whole setup I was using.

On the first drift, in the exact spot where he had been fishing, I landed a 16 in brown. The next five drifts netted another brown and four rainbows. He was amazed, that first there were trout and second that I had caught them so quickly.

I explained that with this style of fishing, my drifts were accurate and bait placement in the seams was easy because casting was as simple as picking the line up after my drift and placing it exactly right where I wanted.

I let him try and he proceeded to catch two rainbows. That is when he replied, "This should be illegal."

At the right spot Keiryu fishing is hard to beat. Tight lines.


by Chris Stewart

Sadly it is illegal in too many places. People (including people at the state Fish and Game commission) don't realize that the extreme sensitivity of the keiryu set up allows you to detect the bite and set the hook before a fish has a chance to swallow the bait.

Keiryu fishing and "Catch and Release" fishing go together quite well.

If your hooking location in the fish's mouth is exactly the same whether you use flies or bait, why ban bait?

We just have to get bait fishermen to fish keiryu-style.

Thank you for showing the way.

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