Horsing Around - Thanks for the Fishing Report!

by Les Albjerg
(Caldwell, Idaho)

It was nice to get a fishing report from Chris! I just made my first horse hair line, but have not fished it yet. I think I am going to add some more taper from what I learned from your report for the TenkaraBum 40. I think the line I made ending in 5 strands will work better with the Diawa Sagiri.

I have been exploring the writings of several English authors from the 19th century on angling with worms. Chris gave some good advice on setting the hook as soon as you see the line move. I'm going to work on that the next time out. Since most of the fisherman from that century were keeping all their fish, they were not as concerned about catch and release.

The Diawa Worm Threader has a learning curve. Threading the worm, really secures it, and hides the hardware. I am going to do some more experimenting and then do an article on the blog. I have had much better success with the Gamakatsu Barbless Circle Hooks. I have been tying my leader on rather than snelling the hook to get a smoother transition from hook to line. They are a little harder to thread, but I am 5 for 5 now with lip hooks. A small dab of water based gel lube on the hook really helps with the threading of Red Wigglers.

When it comes to spoons, I have found the Suntech Genryu Sawanobori 45 casts the Crusader 2.5 gram spoons just fine down to the .8 gram spoons. The TenkaraBum 40 handles the .8 gram and the .4 gram spoons well. The TenkaraBum Traveler 44 works best with the .4 gram spoons.

I like your new slogan Chris, "I'm just here for the gear." However you provide much more than that. There is a lot of learning going on, on this website. I realize what you are hinting at. Lets see, three weeks ago I went Genryu fishing up "I'm not telling" Creek, and fished both Tenkara and Keiryu methods using a Seiryu rod. I caught several 4-9 inch Red-Band Rainbows. What should that kind of fishing be called? How about "A lot of Fun!"

Would love to hear some more fishing stories. If all goes according to plan, I'll be steelhead fishing with the Kyogi 21 next Saturday up on the Salmon River.

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