Great day Micro fishing with Nissin Air 240 and Sasuke

by Alton

I caught about 40 or so micros, ranging from bluegills to stonerollers, minnows, gobys, and shiners. These rods performed beautifully. The littlest nibble and I felt it even in moderate current and having a rod in both these sizes is great too because sometimes a small rod is what is needed and sometimes the long rod is really needed when casting to fish further out in the stream.

My stream is about 100 feet wide in most sections with a moderate current, and on average anywhere from two to six foot deep, unless there hasn't been any rain for a while, then you can wade out to the rock bars (not sand) and fish behind them in slower current.

Anyways I grow my own red wigglers and I was wandering if anyone has a hard time seeing them, like I do. With my stream bed being mostly brown rocks and moderate current without the sensitivity of my rods it would be hard to see the fish actually taking the bait. My stream is clear all the way to the stream bed but with brown rocks and a little piece of brown worm on a tanago hook, for me it is nearly impossible with the current, I see the tippet connector and the split shot sometimes, but not half the time, but that worm is still hard to see, I just see fish gathering around where I think my hook is and wait for the bite.

How these guys do it with ultralight spinning gear and cane poles is beyond me. I have 20/20 vision and use polarized glasses every time I fish. Any help or if this is common, please let me know.


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