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Great day Micro fishing with Nissin Air 240 and Sasuke

by Alton

I caught about 40 or so micros, ranging from bluegills to stonerollers, minnows, gobys, and shiners. These rods performed beautifully. The littlest nibble and I felt it even in moderate current and having a rod in both these sizes is great too because sometimes a small rod is what is needed and sometimes the long rod is really needed when casting to fish further out in the stream.

My stream is about 100 feet wide in most sections with a moderate current, and on average anywhere from two to six foot deep, unless there hasn't been any rain for a while, then you can wade out to the rock bars (not sand) and fish behind them in slower current.

Anyways I grow my own red wigglers and I was wandering if anyone has a hard time seeing them, like I do. With my stream bed being mostly brown rocks and moderate current without the sensitivity of my rods it would be hard to see the fish actually taking the bait. My stream is clear all the way to the stream bed but with brown rocks and a little piece of brown worm on a tanago hook, for me it is nearly impossible with the current, I see the tippet connector and the split shot sometimes, but not half the time, but that worm is still hard to see, I just see fish gathering around where I think my hook is and wait for the bite.

How these guys do it with ultralight spinning gear and cane poles is beyond me. I have 20/20 vision and use polarized glasses every time I fish. Any help or if this is common, please let me know.


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Aug 19, 2018
Three ways
by: Chris Stewart

Alton, I have the same problem you do. I find it impossible to see a speck of worm against a brown background. My microfishing is done one of three ways:

1). Find a light colored rock or bit of sand and try to keep the worm over it, so I can see the worm against a light background.

2). Use a float - either one of the Owner micro fishing floats or Nakazima 3/8" floats.

3) Keep a tight line, which sounds like what you might be doing. This works with bait or tiny flies. If the line is held tight with a constant slow retrieve, you can feel many of the bites.

Since you caught 40 fish of multiple species, you are clearly doing it right!

Aug 20, 2018
Hot Dogs
by: Les Albjerg

Alton - I really love Red Wigglers, but I have found a small piece of Hot Dog works much easier than a piece of worm. Slim Jim's work good too. What you don't use fishing you can snack on! I almost always fish with a float, even if I am trying to fish on the bottom. I like the Nakazima 3/8 inch ball floats the best. It sounds like you had a really good day!

Aug 20, 2018
by: Alton

I have the floats but never thought about using them in running water, and the hotdogs or slim jims would be much easier to cut to those small pieces because those red wigglers, wiggle a lot when you're cutting them. By the way do you with your red wigglers? Thanks for the info. Alton

Aug 23, 2018
Go Light
by: Alan Luecke

I know that bait is the only answer for many species, but I'm lazy and usually just use flies. My setup is usually a size 26 White Killer Bugger with a #6 or #10 split shot just up the line. The fish will hit the fly but not eat it, so timing the set is key. The white fly makes this possible. Perhaps a small band of white thread at the top of the hook would help with sight fishing.

Aug 23, 2018
Tastes like chicken
by: Chris Stewart

I know you have worms, but for a bait that is just about as good and much easier to sight fish with, try a bit of chicken. I have only used uncooked chicken, but I am pretty sure that if it is cooked it would stay on the hook better. The night before you go micro fishing, buy some boneless thighs or breasts and cut off a little bit to use for bait. Have the rest for dinner. I know a bit of chuck steak works also, and becomes very light colored after being in the water a little while.

See my "Let Them Eat Steak" article in the micro fishing trip reports.

You can also make a quite visible paste bait with egg yolk and flour. "Egg and Flour Paste Bait" micro fishing trip report.

Finally, I found out that a bit of cheese ("Lunch Time Micro" in the micro fishing trip reports) from your ham & cheese sandwich also works quite well and is pretty visible.

Aug 24, 2018
Another Great Day Micro Fishing
by: Alton

Hi Chris,
Just wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions and ideas. Les the SlimJim wasn't a hit today, but like you said it made for a good snack and Chris, I left the hotdog at home, so maybe next time. I could actually see the little guys this time because I was fishing a lake and conditions were ideal. I will try the hotdogs and paste the next time I go to the stream and I am thinking about tying a little white thread ball at the beginning of the snelled hooks, and see how that goes. I know the fish will attack the white ball but hopefully they will get a smell of the bait and hit it after I got their attention.

Chris, I tried to post some pictures, but I guess the files were too big, but I did post them on tenkara micro facebook page and I hope you, get a chance to view them because they are truly small fish, especially for a guy that has only done it twice on purpose. I caught about 30 of the little minnows, landed 15, and actually brought to had about 10, lost 5 to the six inch grass surrounding the lake and the other fell off the hook just as I was raising them about three feet off the water. Guess this happens a lot with the tiny fish.

I did catch some pretty sunfish and tiny ones as well. They were all caught on red wigglers and I felt every strike with my rods. I know it is hard to believe that a 1 inch fish could transmit a strike on a rod but if you have the right rod it will, I guarantee it, and I'm pretty sure Chris would to. My setup was the same for both rods, I just added length to the line. I used 2lb Berkley Vanish fluorocarbon, in lengths from two feet to 8 feet depending on rods and situations. For the very tiny fish, 1-1 1/2 inches, I used the Gamakatsu Ultimate Tanago hooks and for the sunfish that ranged from 2-6 inches I used the New Half Moon hooks. I tied the line directly to the lillian and to the tippet connector and just added the snelled hook to the tippet connector per directions on the website. None came loose, if anyone is worried about that, although I do wrap my hooks three times instead of two. If anyone is really getting to micro fishing, I suggest becoming members of the facebook groups Tenkara micro and micro fishing. Chris if you do look, the photos will be under my wife Yvonne's name because I use her facebook page. Thanks for everything and the recommendation of the rods.

I was looking into purchasing the Nissin Koro Tanago rod, but will probably get the Suntech Kurenai HM33R or HM39R, for that little extra distance and when fishing deeper water when a little trouble (big fish) want to play games. Do these rods have the sensitivity of the 240 or at least close? Thanks again. Alton

Aug 24, 2018
Picmonkey online photo editor
by: Chris Stewart

Alton, I would suggest looking at Picmonkey, which is an online photo editor. It is very easy to resize photos to make them small enough to post here.

With Picmonkey, it is also very easy to rotate the photos, so the side you want to be on top actually is, no matter how you held the camera. (I wish everyone who submits photos did that!)

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