Golden Shiners and Killies

by Kevin P Etherson SR
(Mineola, NY)

Largest Golden Shiner

Largest Golden Shiner

I went to my favorite creek again and had another many fish day while using my Shimosuke Kiyotaki rod. I was able to hook and land a variety of fish including, killies, sunfish and a few golden shiners, the smallest and largest of which I've posted a picture of.

This golden shiner put up a good fight and the rod handled the fish beautifully. The small killie put a good bend in the rod and finally came to my hand with ease. I'm amazed at how soft this rod is and the control that I have with it.

A few people stopped to see how I was doing and asked about the rod and were in disbelief that I was after the smallest fish that I could hook and land. I let them know that anyone can catch a big fish but it takes real skill to catch a small fish. I showed them the rod and the Owner smallest hooks that I was using and most of them walked away shaking their heads in disbelief.

I don't think I converted anyone which is a good thing, after all it's a small creek and I don't want it to get to crowded.

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