Fly Fishing Master H. C. Cutcliffe Rediscovered in

The Art of Trout Fishing
In Rapid Streams

Dr. Paul Gaskell

Fly Fishing Master H. C. Cutcliffe Rediscovered

G. E. M. Skues described Cutcliffe's original book as one of only five "indispensable" works in fly tying and fly fishing. Although he died tragically at age 42 as Surgeon-General in Calcutta, both his personality and astonishing fly fishing IQ are captured in his writing.

This illustrated modern "translation" of the tactics, language, hook sizes and rig construction allows the modern angler to benefit from Dr. Cutcliffe's talents for fishing and teaching.

A set of "Cutcliffe" flies tied to recipes in the book by Roger Woolley - a renowned fly tyer of the decades following the 1930s - recently came to light. That collection, belonging to John Shaner, has been beautifully photographed by brother Stephen Shaner and is included here to create a unique insight into the flies and fishing of Dr. Henry Charles Cutcliffe.

Self published 2019
Paperback, 127 pages
10 x 8 in.

Condition as new. Initialled and numbered (#92 of 300) by the author.


Preface: Meet Cutcliffe and Woolley

Part I:  Crash Course in the Fishing & Fly Tying of an Overlooked Maestro

            Lessons for Modern Anglers

            Translating 19th Century Angling

Part II:  The Cutcliffe Manuscript

Part III:  Woolley Collection of Cutcliffe Flies

Part IV:  The "Missing" Woolley Specimens

Part V:   The Untimely and Tragic End of Cutcliffe's Life

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