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Fishpond Red Tail Wader Belt System w/accessories

by John V.
(Claremont, CA)

Fishpond Red Tail Wader Belt System

Fishpond Red Tail Wader Belt System

I have been looking all summer for the best minimalist pack system for my Tenkara fishing.

I have tried 3 other packs, bags, and lanyards. Each different system I used had it's strengths and weaknesses. What I was really looking for was a way to carry a fly box, extra lines/leaders, a few basic tools/knife, and most importantly a water bottle.

Thats when I came across the Fishpond Red Tail Wader System.

It is basically a padded wading belt with attachment points for utility pouch, water bottle carrier, and fly box. There are 4 sewn in D ring attachments for various things.

I have been using the excellent Backpack Fly Fishing's Ebira Rod Quiver rod carry system with my Amago and 12' Iwana along with the Fishpond belt system & I have a place for all my gear in a light weight system. On my belt I have 2 zingers for nippers & floatant, I am using a set of powerful fishing net magnets to attach a wading staff to the belt for hands free fishing, my Spyderco fixed blade knife, and I carry my new Tenkara USA Tamo by simply sliding the handle inside the belt.

With this system I can have both hands free for hiking, stream scrambling without stuff swinging around or snagging on bushes and branches. For deeper wading I have just simply taken the belt and slung it over my shoulder across my back to keep it out of the water.

For those looking for a good versatile minimalist system, this wading belt is worth looking at.

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Oct 07, 2010
The water bottle is key difference
by: TenkaraBum

Thanks for the review. This system has what none of the other minimalist approaches does: a built-in way to carry a water bottle. For me that's a huge advantage. Is there room in the pouch for a sandwich as well as the gear you want to take?

The Fishpond Red Tail Wader Belt System is available at Fishwest.

Oct 07, 2010
What I carry in my Red Tail system
by: Anonymous

The storage pack is about the size of a small fanny pack. I carry 4 of the Tenkara USA line spools, 2 tippet spools, iPhone in a Seattle Sports waterproof bag, a Leatherman tool, & a couple of other small odds and ends. You could probably fit a sandwich in there. I usually carry a Cliff Bar or something similar to snack on because it takes up less space and can be left in there without worrying about it going bad. Did I mention that the attachments are removable or you can change the location on the belt of the three accessories.

Oct 08, 2010
Belt attachments?
by: tnitz

I have the belt - are you guys using the attachment d-rings or hooks? Looking for ideas...

Oct 10, 2010
How the attachments work
by: Anonymous

The fly box and the water bottle holder are stand alone items that Fishpond sells. They attach to the belt with velcro loops that thread around the center webbing strap on the belt. I don't know if Fishpond offers the bag attachment separately.

Nov 11, 2011
Check out the Fishing Fanny Pack
by: TenkaraBum

People interested in a belt pack system might also want to take a look at the BW Sports Fanny Pack, which seems to have more packets than the Fishpond version, including a dedicated camera pouch, and sells for a lower price. In the Store on the Packs, Bags and Pouches page.

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