First time out: Shimotsuke Kiyotaki 18

by Jon C
(Manassas, VA)

Having been interested in dipping my toe into the Tenkara / fixed line fly fishing waters, I was pleasantly surprised when a Shimotsuke Kiyotaki 18 arrived on my doorstep as an early Father's Day present. With an already planned trip to coastal DE coming up quickly, I immediately contacted Chris / Tenkarabum to outfit my new rod.

Though my intention was to set up for a level line, tippet, and fly, Chris suggested I give the Marufuji Micro Fishing Kit a try. I placed my order for delivery to DE and looked forward to my first outing. With a good number of fresh and salt water opportunities available at my destination, I eagerly anticipated some relaxing, low-key fishing.

When it arrived I couldn't believe how dainty the fishing kit's bobber and hooks were. I attached the line to my knotted lillian, grabbed some Nikko Maggies I already had in my tacklebox (great for ultralight spin fishing, too!) and headed to small a golf course pond within walking distance from where we were staying.

First cast unbelievably hooked a tiny fish who sadly leaped back to safety as I tried to bring it in. Casts 2 and 3 produced the two fish found in the pictures above. Though not the tiniest fish, I couldn't believe how enjoyable it was to pluck these living jewels from the water. On my fourth cast, a much larger fish (thinking an over 6" bluegill) ripped the one of two hooks included in my kit clean off the line. Not wanting to press my luck any further, I called it a day.

Though my first outing was quite brief, I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed myself. My youngest boy was fascinated with setup and I anticipate having him give it a try, soon. Though I still intend to try some fly fishing with the little Shimotsuke, my first time microfishing was really a blast and I look forward to more trips in the near future.

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