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First time micro fishing

by Kevin Etherson
(MIneola, NY)

Farm fishing, upstat NY

Farm fishing, upstat NY

I recently had the opportunity to fish on a farm creek in upstate NY. There was very limited casting room for my ITO rod and I was almost ready to give up. Then I decided to take my rod apart and only use the top three sections. I was fishing by a foot bridge so I had a little more room to flip my fly to some fish. Sure enough it worked and I was able to hook and land several fish. I missed a few fish because the hook was to big for their small mouths.
I realized that taking my rod apart wasn't the best idea so I decided to get a shorter rod. I decided to try a micro fishing rod from Tenkarabum and purchased a Nissin Tanago Koro and a Shimotsuke Kiyotaki rod* for some of the small shrub choked streams where I live on Long Island, NY.
I used the Koro rod on a small stream not far from where I live and was able to land a few fish. This rod had no problem with the bluegills that I was catching. The bluegills I caught on that stream weren't all that small and they gave a good fight.
At one point I saw a nice size trout shoot out from under some weeds and dart back under cover. I don't know if the Koro would have handled that fish so I think I'll be using the Kiyotaki rod next time I fish this little pocket on that stream.
This is a fun way to fish and I'm looking forward to giving it a try in some of the streams that I fish.
(*I couldn't make up my mind so I got both to add to my ever growing collection of rods).

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Jun 23, 2018
Your hooked
by: Les Albjerg

Nice to hear I am not the only one who keeps adding rods for specific reasons!

Jun 23, 2018
You are the one that got hooked!
by: Mike Schelp

Welcome to this crazy brotherhood! I have more rods than I could use and am probably going to "thin the herd" in the next week or two. What am I getting rid of? Anything that uses heavier than 4 pound test line! I’ve got 3-4 sports naming rods that can handle 2 lb test, one could easily handle 1 lb. and I’ve acquired 5 tenkara rods in the last 3 months. I’ve caught everything from 2" fish to a 14" Rainbow Trout in that time. Share some pictures of your catches!

Jun 23, 2018
Not ready to give them up.
by: Kevin Etherson

Thanks for the positive feed back. My rod collection just keeps getting bigger all the time and I'm not ready to give any of them up yet.

Living on Long Island I'm surrounded by oceans so the surf rod come in handy this time of the year.
I had picked up a Diawa 53M from Chris awhile back and wanted to use it for some striper fishing. I never got around to it the first year I had it, I don't remember why (an age thing). I missed the entire season last year because I was in Texas and Florida working. I pulled out the 53M yesterday and I'll be heading to the beach Monday to give a go. I know it isn't micro fishing but I'll post some photos if the fish gods are kind to me.

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