First Outing with the Soyokaze

by Sean
(Clarksville, Tennessee)

Not the best picture but he put up a great fight!

Not the best picture but he put up a great fight!

So I've been fly fishing for about a year now and wanted something geared toward smaller fish and smaller streams. I live in western Tennessee so there isn't a whole lot of fly fishing and rarely do trout survive in these waters when they are stocked in the local rivers because the water temperature is just too high for them. So when I go out fishing I catch mostly pumpkinseed and what I think are over sized minnows.

A Tenkara Rod would have worked well in a couple of the streams I tend to fish but is too long and too stiff for the streams I usually go out on. This Daiwa Soyokaze is absolutely the best for what I use it for. I went with the 9 foot model which is still a bit too stiff for my taste. I generally like to be under gunned when it comes to fishing. So when I caught a pumpkinseed that was about 8 inches or so long on a #2 level line using .003" tippet I was fighting this fish for what seemed like 30 minutes so it was probably closer to 15 but still I had a blast!

Tanago Rods aren't just for the smallest fish you can find, but they certainly give even the tiniest competitor a fair chance. One of the photos I put up is of a waterfall to show that not only does Tanago open up a broad spectrum of species to fish for, but easy access to places you wouldn't get to fish with a big fly rod in addition. Although Tenkara rods would work well in this particular spot as well. To anyone thinking about trying Microfishing, DO IT! It'll put an ear to ear smile on your face.

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