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Field Master 44 - Count me impressed!

by Dave
(Baton Rouge)

Today, I received my Field Master 44. I will tell you that I debated long and hard over whether to go 39 or the 44. With my recent purchase of a Fine Mode 270 I felt that I had the smaller waters adequately covered and proceeded with the longer 44. I have been telling Chris that I want a rod for everything. One rod to rule them all as I like to say. I wanted a rod that will do everything from pan fish to light salt water grass flats...... I think I have found it.......

Tonight I took the 44 out to a bare lake (in that it is so over fished nothing is ever be caught in it), for some casting practice. The lake is close and my kids were playing at the park nearby so its a win win. Anyway, I threw about 10.5 of 3.5 level line and a fly for practice (didn't have time to break out the new keiryu rigs). This rod is a laser beam. It puts the fly exactly where I want it at any of the three lengths. I can easily say, being able to change the length and balance of the rod is incredible. I can already tell that I like the 4 meter length the best, but found points where I wanted the other two lengths as well. The quality, fit, finish, and aesthetics are just amazing. If you are like me and wanting a rod to do everything, this is the rod. More posts to come, hopefully will have fish pictures in it.=)

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Nov 04, 2016
Your making it hard!
by: Les A.

I am debating between the Field Master 44 and the Suntech GM Suikei Keiryu Special 44. Every time I have enough saved up for a new rod, I end up buying a specialty rod. My purchase last week was a carp rod for steelhead and carp. Before that it was a short rod for the creeks. My current all around rod didn't come from Chris. It is a "$10.00 Chinese Rod with a nice paint job." It fishes that way too. It is a 39, and I really need to get down to the Boise River and see what kind of room I have to see if I want to go with a zoom 39 or 44. That said, I do love my Suntech Keiryu Sawanobori 63. I am planning a trip to Silver Creek (Idaho) the end of the month to give it a workout. Steelhead fishing with my new carp rod is next weekend!

So how stiff is the Field Master? What lines are you using or planning on using?

Nov 04, 2016
by: Dave

I bought the owner keiryu rigs and they work great! I went fishing with it today and I caught nothing but micros. Despite this I could feel everything on the field master. The tip seems to be very soft with all the backbone in the mid and lower sections. A three inch blue gill put a surprising bend in the rod. It's 29 pennies so should handle big trout and most things you will catch. Look for my post tonight with pics. As for Tenkara I have been using 3.5 line and it works great. I was debating with the keiryu special 44 as well and I really like the Field Master. Truth be told you wouldn't go wrong no matter which you choose. 44 fishes as 36 and 40 so it has all the best lengths in one rod.

Nov 07, 2016
Field Master
by: Phillip Dobson

I think of the Field Master less as stiff and more as "fast action". This allows me to use it as a generalist in unpredictable conditions. Punching info the wind isn't a problem most of the time. For this reason, I usually have a #4 level line mounted, but I've cast as light as a #2.5 line.

I have two 3.9m Field Masters, but I would prefer one to be longer. As long as I can comfortably cast with one hand: another meter, or meter and a half in length. As capable as the 39 is for almost any fishing, I find myself opting for the 5.4m Sagiri most of the time. That's any time the water isn't tiny, overgrown, or terribly windy (just holding a long rod in strong wind can be tiring).

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