Ebira Rod Quiver

by jleal
(Novato, California)

I am a new convert to Tenkara. I have fished with my new Iwana 12' rod 6 times now. When I purchased the rod, I also ordered the new Ebira quiver from BackpackFlyfishing at the same time, since I figured I needed a way to safely and conveniently carry the rod.

The Ebira has proved itself many times over as the perfect means to transport and store my Tenkara rod. I have used it with and without wearing a small daypack during my fishing. I must say that it is definitely easier to use without wearing a daypack, but it can be done, just a little inconveniently.

If you are driving to your fishing spots, with just a climb down to the fishing, sans daypack, over the head and shoulder and off you go. Once on the water and you want to move up/down, I find that it is easier to collapse the rod, wind the line on the EZ Keepers, and slide the rod into the case and off you go. Only in very open areas with no trees/bushes or climbing do I leave my rod open and assembled. If any rock climbing/scrambling is involved, then I collapse the rod out of habit, stow it, and re-assemble at the new location. It only takes 1-2 minutes to do either action. I always have my wading staff with a lanyard attached to my waist belt, so I need at least one hand for the staff. With any scrambling, I much prefer to have my other hand free and useable, therefore I stow the rod in the quiver. It's so easy to do.

For now I only use the pocket of the quiver to store extra lines, both level in ziplocks and furled lines on blue TenkaraUSA spools. I can easily carry all my lines in the pocket.

I am currently using a waist tackle bag to carry my fly boxes and floatant and tippet spools. I'm slowly reducing my collection to eliminate the waist bag and use the fishing shirt pockets for my boxes and floatant, eliminating the tackle bag.

After climbing up from the river to my truck to head to a new location to fish, or to head back to camp, I simply take off the rod Quiver and put it in the back of my truck. It sits there, ready for its next use.

I use the EZ Hook Keepers all the time. I find that the rod, with the line, tippet, and fly fit into the quiver with ease, either putting it in or taking it out. Using the blue spools would preclude the use of the quiver, and I find I need my other hand free more often than not to be safe in my scrambling up and over the rocks and boulders on the banks of the rivers that I visit. The spool method just doesn't seem to work very well for me now. If I was in a more open area, walking easily up or down stream, I might use the spools. I am very careful to wind the lines loosely on the keepers and avoid the kinks at the bends of the keepers.

The quiver is adjustable as to how it sits over your shoulder, and it definitely stays out of the way very nicely. If I do need to change a line for any reason, then it is a simple manner to pull the quiver up to your chest, gaining access to the pocket, and do your business. When done, a simple pull on the quiver puts it back in place easily.

At first I thought the $65 price tag was a bit steep, but upon further thought, the Dyneema material is bulletproof, the sewing is well done, it carries a Tenkara rod tube if needed, and its versatility and usefulness have made it worth every penny, in my mind. As important a purchase as any other accessory needed for the enjoyment of Tenkara fishing. I could not imagine going anywhere without it.

As a side note, BackpackFlyfishing.com has a video review of the Ebira rod quiver on their web site. Some useful ideas in that video. I've already incorporated some of them. 5 stars out of a 5 star rating in my book.

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