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The Daiwa Worm Threader is an ingenious tool that makes it much easier to thread a worm onto a hook. There are several ways to put a worm on a hook. There are a few YouTube videos showing you how to do it but they use a nightcrawler.

Throughout the worm fishing pages on TenkaraBum, I have urged people to not use nightcrawlers when fishing for trout - particularly if they do not intend to keep every fish the catch, no matter what size. The problem with nightcrawlers is that they are too large. A night crawler, or even half a nightcrawler, is too large for all but the largest trout to get the whole thing into its mouth all at once.

If the part of the crawler that has the hook is outside of the mouth, you will feel the take, but you when you try to set the hook there's no fish there. You've just pulled the crawler out of its mouth. If you wait "to make sure he's got it," you can be sure he's got it down his throat. That's what was taught when I was little, when we kept every trout we caught.

Worm hooked once, crosswise, in the middle of the worm.Once through the middle.

There's a better way. Just use a smaller worm.

I would highly recommend fishing with red wigglers. A red wigger is only about an inch and a half long. I generally just hook the worm once, crosswise, in the middle of the worm. That way, there is a much greater chance that when a fish takes the worm it also gets the hook. You can use very small hooks, which the trout is less likely to feel.

Many people do want to thread their worm on the hook though. It is supposed to keep the worm on the hook better, hide the hook so the fish can't see it, and cover everything but the point so the fish is less likely to feel it.

I have not even tried threading red wigglers on the hook. They are pretty thin - and they are well named - they are very, very wiggly.

I think two things, taken together, may change the way I hook worms, though. The first is Les Albjerg's experiments on scouring worms. That is something all the old texts talk about, but something I have never done. The books say, and Les confirms, that scouring the worms makes them firmer, tougher and livelier. The second is learning about the Daiwa Worm Threader, which will make threading a worm - particularly a firmer, tougher, scoured worm, pretty easy.

Illustrated method: 1 Extend needle, thread worm, end with needle outside worm. 2 Insert hook point into end of hollow needle. 3 push worm off needle onto hook.

The Daiwa Worm Threader is essentially a retractable hypodermic needle. The instructions are pretty clear. Extend the needle, insert it into the worm's clitellum (the wide band towards the head) and run it through the worm, exiting near the tail. Put the point of the hook into the hole in the tip of the hypodermic needle. Push the worm from the needle onto the hook and slide it past the hook eye and onto the line until the hook point and barb are exposed. It will not be possible to tear the worm off the hook to the side, and the barb will keep it from sliding off the point.

It really is a more secure way to put the worm on the hook, and should work nicely when casting a worm with a seiryu rod, tenkara rod or a softer keiryu rod.

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