Daiwa Sagiri 54MC 2way zoom

by Roger Hall

I fished a Daiwa Sagiri 54MC today, out of production but regularly available on Ebay. I have had mine for about 3 years but have not used it much.

Today on the Potomac I was fishing ants to surface feeding trout. Using a 16' 3.5 line a 3 feet of 6x tippet with an ant parachute size 16 fly it was like throwing popcorn to a guy with the munchies.

So I hooked about 12 and managed to snag (in the upper lip) 8 brown ranging in the 14-16 inch bracket and the rod handled them with aplomb.

I also hooked up with a rainbow that felt bigger but I lost him in the fast water and it was my fault because I was holding the rod tip too high and he broke off.

All the others were fought semi horizontal with a full bend to the rod and no breakoffs. It was a great 1 hour of action. The rest of the day was passable with about another 10 landed using a Shimano Mainstream ZL.

I am really liking these 5:5 rods and they really do have tremendous fish fighting abilities.

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