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Daiwa Sagiri 54MC 2way zoom

by Roger Hall

I fished a Daiwa Sagiri 54MC today, out of production but regularly available on Ebay. I have had mine for about 3 years but have not used it much.

Today on the Potomac I was fishing ants to surface feeding trout. Using a 16' 3.5 line a 3 feet of 6x tippet with an ant parachute size 16 fly it was like throwing popcorn to a guy with the munchies.

So I hooked about 12 and managed to snag (in the upper lip) 8 brown ranging in the 14-16 inch bracket and the rod handled them with aplomb.

I also hooked up with a rainbow that felt bigger but I lost him in the fast water and it was my fault because I was holding the rod tip too high and he broke off.

All the others were fought semi horizontal with a full bend to the rod and no breakoffs. It was a great 1 hour of action. The rest of the day was passable with about another 10 landed using a Shimano Mainstream ZL.

I am really liking these 5:5 rods and they really do have tremendous fish fighting abilities.

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Aug 12, 2015
by: Brandon

Roger, water has to be low where you are. I have been fishing some spring creeks in the Shenandoah vallley. My sagiri 39 landed a football sized rainbow a couple weeks ago. Awesome rods. Keep up the good work and catch 'em all.

Aug 18, 2015
Sagiri/Water Levels
by: Roger

Well, I will leave a few for you.

Water is getting very skinny in this neck of the woods. I can't complain as it was very good through July. Kind of typical for August. We could use a couple of inches over a few days though.
We have 3/4" of rain so far this month so we are way behind currently.

Long walks on the stream to find suitable runs that have fish. They are getting very squirly lately. If the water is too warm I do something else. I think I will go bass fishing later this week.

I have 3 Sagiri model the 39mc (my fav.), the 45mc and the 54mc. They are all a pleasure and Daiwa should have kept making them. I think those three rods could cover about 75% of my fishing needs, but I like equipment.

I like the longer rod in this low water as it extends my reach quite a bit.

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