Daiwa Kiyose 39SF

by Herb S.

It's almost unbelievable how effective nymphing with this rod is over a fly rod. Bluegill, rock bass, smallmouth, largemouth and trout; it's like picking carrots! The rod is extremely sensitive. At first I used 6# Trilene clear and blue lines with a 4X tippet and although bites were seldom seen they were felt. Eventually I tried Stren Original Gold 6# and strike detection got even better. A surprisingly light weight nymph or split shot will lay out the line. The heaviest fly so far is a #6 Woolly Worm with a 3/16" bead and I'm sure much heavier and bulkier flies can be handled as well.

This is a very strong rod, too. It's no problem hauling in bluegills to 10", 12" trout and bass to 13". And then it happened, the "big fish ate my little fish" story as has been reported on this fine website several times. I had just gotten a bluegill to the surface when a huge shape appeared from below and horked down the 'gill and took off. I saw it clearly, a smallmouth larger than any I've caught or even seen before. How big? Well, after a couple of blazing runs it spit out the 'gill which measured 7". I don't know who was more shook up, the 'gill or me, but it swam away and I found a log to sit on.

I highly recommend the 39SF. It's light enough for one handed casting and great fun to fish. Oh, and it casts a size 4 fluoro level line very well if you can tear yourself away from weighted nymphs to fish wets and dries. Thanks, Chris. Great rod!

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